14 July 2020
Los Angeles, CA


Artificial Intelligence. A technology that numerous companies want to implement, yet they still haven’t taken the first step. Why is that?

AI is being praised for its amazing capacity to transform businesses. Yet, many are still hesitant to implement AI strategies due to varying challenges they’ll likely need to address before realizing the true potential of this technology.

Most of these challenges can be attributed to either a lack of understanding, little experience working with AI, fear of change, or even AI stereotypes we see depicted in Hollywood films. Collectively amongst people and businesses, Artificial Intelligence seems to garner both enthusiasm and skepticism.

In this Beyond The Buzz series installment, our CEO, AJ Abdallat discusses some of the centralized challenges that businesses face when implementing AI into their corporation.

Learn what these challenges are and how to overcome them so your business can advance by using Artificial Intelligence.



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