How AI Can Negatively Impact Employee Experiences

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Job Losses and AI

For most workers, though, fears around AI and its impact on employee experiences are largely confined to concerns about losing their jobs and changes to work processes through new automation capabilities.
AJ Abdallat is CEO of Glendale, Calif.-based Beyond Limits, a company specializing in artificial intelligence and cognitive computing that came out of the Caltech deep space program. He believes the fears about AI in the enterprise and its impact on employee experience are unjustified.
“Looking at the dark side of AI is a pessimistic approach to a promising future. I think frankly, in some places, like any kind of automation you will see that some jobs go away, but the labor that was there before finds a new role, and I think those new roles, especially at the level of knowledge work, will be very interesting,” he said.
More to the point, as good as AI systems are, they are not going to set enterprise objectives. While they may be able to juggle multiple specific business problems, being able to deal with the nuances of those problems is still something humans excel at. “Finding things that are worth teaching to the AI, to learn and to figure out, that’ll still always be a job in the hands of humans. I imagine that’s also when it gets kind of cyclical,” Abdallat said.