Cognitive Reservoir Management Advisor

Beyond Limits has built a cognitive reservoir management advisor for operators who want to dramatically accelerate data integration and analysis to pinpoint drilling opportunities, weigh opportunity vs. risk, and speed up time to decisions.

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Well MD™ Cognitive Well Health Advisor

Beyond Limits has developed a cognitive AI solution called Well MD™ well health advisor. The system utilizes historical data, real-time sensor data, human knowledge, and our cognitive reasoning technology to maintain a well’s health and production over time.

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Explainable AI: Cognitive AI that can explain why

Almost as important as the analysis an AI system provides is explainability. Because Beyond Limits customers use our cognitive solutions to analyze and support high value decisions, the AI system must be able to explain its reasoning. Unlike conventional “black box” approaches like machine learning, deep learning or neural networks that cannot explain their reasoning, all Beyond Limits cognitive AI solutions are capable of delivering clear explanations of reasoning and evidence in transparent audit trails, including risk, uncertainty and facts.

Mark L. James, Beyond Limits CTO
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Sherlock IQ

Sherlock IQ™ Cognitive Reasoner

Sherlock IQ™ represents a new way to solve problems and answer questions for problems that were previously considered unsolvable by machines. It exhibits both foresight (thinking ahead) and insight (intuition) by thinking outside the box when traditional reasoning processes break down. When nothing looks right or ambiguity raises questions about which way to go, Sherlock IQ™ uses intuition from past experience to decide how to proceed.


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