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Breakthrough AI Solutions for Oil and Gas

Beyond Limits engineers advanced cognitive AI solutions to solve mission-critical issues for energy companies.


  • Exploration
  • Field Development
  • Reservoir Management
  • Drilling & Completion
  • Production & Operation


  • Pipeline Infrastructure
  • Transportation
  • Logistics


  • Formulation
  • Petrochemicals
  • Performance Optimization

Does your AI know where to drill next?

Cognitive Reservoir Management Advisor

Operators invest millions to place and operate drilling platforms. Knowledge of subsurface geological structures and fluid dynamics is crucial to accurately identify targets for wells. One of the most difficult and time-consuming tasks is subsurface characterization to understand geological structures deep under the surface. If knowledge of the subsurface is incomplete, the efficiency of the field development could be compromised.

Beyond Limits has built a cognitive reservoir management advisor for operators who want to dramatically accelerate data integration and analysis to pinpoint drilling opportunities, weigh opportunity vs. risk, and speed up time to decisions. Beyond Limits provides cutting-edge technology that supports decisions for field development using seismic data and historical production history.

Our reservoir management technology leverages human expertise, quantifies uncertainty in geological representations and considers all risks. It integrates platforms for data-driven, physics-based, geology, and policy elements while providing an audit trail of explicit reasoning as it reports to human experts. The system becomes smarter over time.


  • Fewer & better wells with less gas and water, and more oil production
  • Increased well longevity and proficiency.

Download our Reservoir Management Advisor solution brief here.

Well MD Cognitive Well Health Advisor

When you have productive wells, keeping them in good health is the highest priority. The ability to do diagnosis and prognosis, detecting errors and predicting issues that are going to arise, is key. Some operators have one or two master experts in the company who can be flown out to a rig to diagnose problems, make adjustments, and set things right. But this is not a scalable solution.

Beyond Limits has developed a cognitive AI solution called Well MD™ well health advisor. The system utilizes historical data, real-time sensor data, human knowledge, and our cognitive reasoning technology to maintain a well’s health and production over time.

Expert in a Box

Well MD is the well doctor that diagnoses problems and prescribes remedies. It’s reasoning is based on encoded human knowledge and hard-won experience. Unparalleled insight powered by cognitive reasoning The Beyond Limits well health advisor is a cognitive decision support system designed to assess data-driven, physics-based evidence, plus human expertise and policy elements. The system leverages numerical and symbolical knowledge, incorporating and analyzing static and dynamic observations into an integrated model of the probable, true state of the well to enable maintenance of healthy well operations and reduce risk.

Download our Well Health Advisor solution brief here.

Unconventional Strategies Informed by Cognitive AI

The landscape of unconventional oil and gas production is fragmented, with multiple players and moving parts. Unlike conventional E&P (exploration and production) operations that hold their value for decades, unconventional operations are low margin projects highly susceptible to fluctuations in price, supply chain contingencies, and changing market conditions. If money is to be made, it has to be made in a couple of years, not decades. When prices drop, unconventional wells must be shuttered, and resources reallocated until market conditions become more favorable. In a sense, unconventional projects are similar to manufacturing operations that are dependent on efficient production, choreographed supply chains, and tightly managed logistics.

AI and Expert Knowledge Increase Efficiency in Developing Resources

Unconventional reservoirs generate massive amounts of data from production operations. This data needs to be analyzed, interpreted, and shared between several disciplines, including drilling, production, and reservoir engineering. Efficient and timely analysis of this data using Beyond Limits explainable AI solutions will lead to reductions in drill times, optimized well completions, and higher production rates.

“Operators need visibility into large amounts of data to determine the optimal choices for well spacing, well completion and multistage hydraulic fracture design to maximize an unconventional reservoir’s economic indicators.”

Cognitive Condition Monitoring for Prescriptive Maintenance

Complex systems require constant monitoring to maintain healthy operation and optimal performance. Beyond Limits has developed cognitive condition monitoring systems based on technology originally created to monitor engines in high performance fighter jets to predict performance behavior and wear and tear to facilitate prescriptive maintenance. Unlike conventional approaches that monitor single pieces of equipment, Beyond Limits cognitive AI solutions encompass entire industrial operations. For example, our Cognitive Corrosion Management Advisor for downstream energy production.

Corrosion – The Threat from Within

Upstream operators pull fluid hydrocarbons out of the ground that are corrosive to the carbon steel pipes, surface equipment, pumps and valves used to transport them. Corrosion diminishes the lifespan of expensive infrastructure and is a drain on production efficiency. Operators often run equipment conservatively due to inadequate corrosion data and analysis, further limiting production. This forces operators to wage a constant battle to manage corrosive threats that impact the integrity of their pressure equipment. It can cost a large-scale operator in excess of $1B per year to manage upstream/downstream corrosion. The goal is to extend the life of equipment in the reservoir base at the lowest lifecycle cost. Beyond Limits Corrosion Management Advisor enables confident and timely corrosion management decisions to be made faster than ever before.