Beyond Finance

Beyond Finance

Specialized Fintech Solutions

It doesn’t take a trend-spotting savant to notice that Fintech has taken hold in the financial services industry, and it’s evolving at a remarkable rate. The addition of Artificial Intelligence will accelerate the innovation to an astounding pace, not just in technology, but in new services and business models extending to every aspect of the financial industry. The question is: which AI approach will yield the best results? Financial institutions of every size are striving to bring services out of the skyscraper and into people’s homes, their smartphones, and their lives. Mass personalization means knowing the customer and adapting to them, not making them adapt to you. It’s something AI does very well.

Better Information for Better Decisions with Less Risk

Beyond Limits combines conventional numerical AI techniques with advanced symbolic reasoning capabilities to improve provide human-like insights and reduce risk.
For example, Beyond Limits AI effectively assists financial industry professionals in five important areas of opportunity assessment and risk reduction.

Risk Management

Cognitive AI software can monitor quality and risk in a credit card portfolio. Identify worthy candidates for credit or loans and improve the calculation and underwriting of risk.

Account Management

Software-driven automation continually monitors and evaluates user activity, payment patterns, behavioral scoring, lifestyle, and spending profile. Responds quickly to changes in borrowers’ financial conditions or behavioral patterns.

Propensity Scoring for Precision Banking

Banks want a glimpse into the customer’s propensity to adopt a new program, use a card, or pay on time. Location, retail proclivities, investment history, saving patterns, spending patterns all converge to help forward-looking companies match individual customers with individualized products and services. The goal is the so-called “market segment of one” wherein the institution’s interface to the customer is fine-tuned on an individual, one-to-one basis, much like Netflix or Amazon. Ultimately, an AI-driven financial service reaches the customer just before they need it. Beyond Limits cognitive AI software is ideal for projects based on predicting consumer propensity to use new services or respond to new product offerings. Full explainability for each individual customer is key to personalized services.

Fraud Detection and Prevention

Aberrant patterns in consumer payments or transaction behavior can be detected by supervised and unsupervised learning of electronic transactions, communications, location, and claims. System can process extremely high volumes of transactions, detects outliers and alerts investigators for verification.


AI systems have the uncanny ability to analyze prodigious amounts of data from diverse sources, detect unexpected shifts in the market, and formulate trading strategies based on real-time events.