Beyond Industry

Is your AI smart enough to understand what everything is doing at once?

Internet of Things

It’s hard to talk about IoT or IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) as an industry. It’s like talking about steel or oxygen. Everyone uses it. But unlike materials, IoT sensors and devices produce data. And data is valuable. Cognitive AI systems can interpret data from a staggering array of devices, systems, and processes that reside in previously unconnected silos. Combining real-time data with historical models, situational awareness, and encoded human expertise, entire industrial facilities can be monitored and finetuned for optimal performance.

There are a thousand ways to get from point A to point B. Can your AI figure out the best route?


Cognitive AI is ideally suited for large-scale logistical functions like shipping and port operations. Location, movement, destination, cargo characteristics, of every ship entering or leaving a port can be monitored, analysed, and orchestrated. This information is used to understand import/export traffic into different regions and goes into understanding inventories or commodity changes in those regions. Knowing the flows into and out of a region can be important not only for smoother port operations, but also for trading activity.

Can your AI keep drivers safe even when they're not driving safely?


Cognitive analytics can be applied to help alert and protect the lives of drivers and those around them. Vehicle dynamics, driver behavior, and biometrics can be monitored and analyzed in real-time and compared to previous history. The system can predict if the driver has become distracted from safe driving and intervene. Remedies can range from passive alerts to active steering/braking maneuvers for safety.