Beyond Limits has emerged as a leader in industrial-grade Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) software based on more than 20 years of proven success supporting NASA and Space programs.

The company leverages the expertise, technologies and ingenuity from the leaders in intelligent machine operations at Caltech/Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL). Our AGI is on the planet Mars and operates within the Deep Space Network.

Today, Beyond Limits continues to enhance and develop AGI technologies with the foresight to design complex, yet simple and elegant solutions addressing industrial opportunities.



Decision Optimization & Automation
  • Where Minutes, Days and Weeks Matter
  • Training Sets from Big Data
  • Continuous Updates & Live Learning Cycles
  • Data Curation Across Data Lakes


Supervisory Decisions
  • Where seconds and Minutes Matter
  • Training Sets Based on Live and Recorded Data
  • Dev-Ops Based Learning and Update Cycles
  • Pre-Engineered Data Curation


Real-Time Control Decisions
  • Where Sub-Seconds Matter
  • Policy Based Live Learning
  • Rapid Deployment Across Agent Fleets
  • Pre-Engineered Certified Data Curation

6 New Frontiers | Portfolio of Companies

Trusted Autonomy
Silicon Mile
Beyond Life Sciences

We augment machine to enterprise operational processes and teams with industrial-grade cognitive agents to enhance decision quality and velocity, manage operational risks and increase the utility value of the combined experience of your connected workforce.

Our breakthrough cognitive computing technology implements human-like reasoning software functions that perform deductive, inductive and abductive logic.

The software can assess hypothetical scenarios, detect operational anomalies, classify the unknown and discover associations between seemingly unrelated information sources.

SiliconMile, a Machine Cloud, presents a revolutionary approach to real-time computing for the industrial internet of things.

Of critical importance to the IOT, it delivers closed loop processing performance at city scale because it is connected by the world’s first rate monotonic, machine content delivery network (CDN).

SiliconMile, installed at the network edge, provides a secure and fully partitioned environment for machine applications to compute, execute, learn and thrive at the edge.

In the cognitive cloud era, Lifesign360 provides a novel approach for how advanced, fda class 2 medical devices, will be implemented and utilized within clinical environments.

Lifesign360 will deliver cognitive aids that improve patient care delivery, clinician automation and quality of care to drive optimization of outcomes for patients in hospitals, clinics and at home care venues.

Further, this hospital as a service solution, seeks to streamline clinical workflows, improve personalization of care and reduce alert fatigue created by false alarms from the deluge of medical device data within and across care settings.

In the era of Autonomous Transportation, Transit Leap provides a next generation Telematics cloud for the command and control of autonomous vehicle (AVs) fleets.

Our Autonomous Vehicle Control System (AVCS) provides a scalable, real-time, Vehicle To Infrastructure (V2I) network and control system for vehicle fleets of all sizes. The TransitLeap industrial-grade FOG computing infrastructure incorporates safety and security partitioning to natively support fully embedded Cognitive agents.

TransitLeap supervisory agents provide human like reasoning to autonomously direct cars and trucks on DOT roadways as well as people-movers on local campuses and robotics on industrial yards.

Beyond Intellect is designing click and configure cognitive assistants focused on improving the speed, quality and relative ease of decision making in our business and personal lives.

Businesses will experience the value of networked enterprise knowledge & intelligence because the efforts of human and digital labor will be automatically coordinated to achieve higher order business goals. What if a team of digital compliance auditors and analysts could work 24/7/365 to reduce risk and decrease costs while seeking to maximize profitability were available to your organization?

Individual consumers could configure a personal savings assistant to work around the clock searching the web and within their social networks for savings opportunities that deliver a meaningful improvement to their cash flow.

Beyond Life Sciences is designing cognitive agents to drive breakthrough advancements in genomics research, drug discovery, diagnostics and population health.

Our breakthrough cognitive computing technology implements human-like reasoning software functions that perform deductive, inductive and abductive analysis for life sciences applications.

The software can assess hypothetical discovery scenarios, detect health anomalies, classify diagnostic results and discover associations between seemingly unrelated health information sources.

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