24 September 2020
Los Angeles, CA
Beyond Limits CEO, AJ Abdallat participated at ENGenious Online, along with some of our AI experts, to share insights into how digitalization and AI strategies can benefit the energy industry. A key takeaway from ENGenious is that the energy industry’s relationship with AI & digital transformation is proving to be crucial for organizations to continue delivering value and more effectively managing their response to the unique demands of today.
Watch this video to understand how AI is being used by the energy industry to elevate efficiency through more proactive monitoring of equipment, resulting in increased risk identification and mitigation.

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Beyond Limits
Los Angeles, CA
The future of downstream operations starts with delivering value from artificial intelligence. Inefficient operations, inconsistent shift performance, and uncertainty are impediments to maximizing value in downstream. Today, AI is proving itself as a crucial key for improving profitability and closing the performance gap.
In this video, learn how Beyond Limits AI for downstream results in revenue from AI: 
27 August 2020
Los Angeles, CA


AI has the potential to transform how our education system operates while creating more support for teachers and students of all backgrounds.

Among its many benefits, AI can even be utilized to help educators foster a more inclusive environment. AI-based language translation, for example, may enable more students with diverse backgrounds to feel more comfortable participating in class and increase opportunities for closer listening during important lectures.

Schools can even use AI to offer a truly personalized learning experience, overcoming one of the biggest limitations of our current, one-to-many education model.

The benefits of implementing AI in education are limitless. At Beyond Limits, we aim to develop AI that is both accessible and beneficial for our future generations. Watch the video below to see how: 





26 August 2020
Glendale, CA
The Future of AI in Energy: How Cognitive AI Delivers More Value from Complex Assets
Recent challenges have impacted the Energy industry, revealing costly operational inefficiencies. Operators are quickly realizing an immediate need to optimize operations and get the most out of their assets in order to maintain a competitive edge. Advanced AI & digitization strategies provide opportunities for operators to be better positioned for the future by capturing full margins and increasing production from existing assets.
In this webinar our experts will show you:

+ How AI is being applied today in Energy to increase operational efficiency and reduce operating costs.

+ What exactly Cognitive AI is and how it reduces the loss of institutional knowledge due to attrition.

+ Crucial insights into how AI strategies can both help during these unprecedented times and ultimately deliver more value to the bottom line.


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13 August 2020
Los Angeles, CA


There are currently over 1 billion people living with no access to energy, while an additional 2 billion remain without access to clean energy.

In some areas of the world, the Energy industry is decades behind when it comes to grid electricity or access to cleaner resources.

One of the most significant barriers to energy access is the steep upfront cost for low-income populations, limiting the potential for vital strides in economic growth. Many countries also face the challenge of intermittent grid connectivity because the demand for energy often exceeds the capacity of existing power generation sources.

While these challenges do make the distribution of clean and reliable energy in rural areas difficult, Beyond Limits is confident that Cognitive AI technology will help us make headway in accelerating global access to energy.



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Beyond Limits
Los Angeles, CA


In complex refineries, a lot of operational data is being collected and analyzed using conventional or numeric AI techniques. Beyond Limits goes a step further with Cognitive AI technology that supports refinery operations teams, improves coordination, and optimizes financial performance – delivering actionable and explainable recommendations for Operators, Engineers, and Plant Managers.

In this video, Beyond Limits Director of Technical Commercial Engineering, Kimberly Gilbert, explains how AI is being used today in refinery options to drive value and achieve optimal operational efficiency, where she covers:


+ The implications of when experienced engineers with valuable expert knowledge retire from the industry

+ How to harness expert knowledge and make available to the greater organization

+ How Cognitive AI uses human knowledge with large data-set inputs and industry guidelines for optimal performance

+ Transparent audit trails and reliable mitigations

+ How our dynamic solution becomes smarter over time




Get an even closer look at how Beyond Limits Cognitive AI technology is improving refinery operations. Download our solution brief by clicking here.


30 July 2020
Los Angeles, CA


Can AI be trusted? Not unlike human to human relationships, human trust in AI solutions must also be earned over time. One way we gain trust is a direct result of something, or someone, behaving in a manner that’s expected or familiar and thus comforting. However, much like humans, AI systems can also make similar mistakes that stem either from limitations in training or unknown ingrained biases.

As artificial intelligence continues to progress, we must also correspondingly advance the measures put in place that address responsibility and transparency. Beyond Limits’ transparent AI solutions are always auditable, providing clear insights into their decision-making process and exactly how they arrive at their recommendations. Explainability is the answer to responsible AI that ensures humans are always in the loop. Beyond Limits provides users with a straightforward solution they can understand, leading to AI that’s both trusted and valued.

In our latest installment of Beyond the Buzz, our CEO & Founder – AJ Abdallat explores our responsibility to ensure humans have access to AI they can trust.



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14 July 2020
Los Angeles, CA


Artificial Intelligence. A technology that numerous companies want to implement, yet they still haven’t taken the first step. Why is that?

AI is being praised for its amazing capacity to transform businesses. Yet, many are still hesitant to implement AI strategies due to varying challenges they’ll likely need to address before realizing the true potential of this technology.

Most of these challenges can be attributed to either a lack of understanding, little experience working with AI, fear of change, or even AI stereotypes we see depicted in Hollywood films. Collectively amongst people and businesses, Artificial Intelligence seems to garner both enthusiasm and skepticism.

In this Beyond The Buzz series installment, our CEO, AJ Abdallat discusses some of the centralized challenges that businesses face when implementing AI into their corporation.

Learn what these challenges are and how to overcome them so your business can advance by using Artificial Intelligence.



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25 June 2020
Glendale, CA
There are currently 700 programming languages. It’s no wonder there are numerous approaches to AI.
Many companies today have championed conventional AI approaches such as data analytics, machine learning, and deep learning. But we need to go further if we’re going to solve the world’s most complex problems.
In this Beyond The Buzz video, our CEO; AJ Abdallat, explains why Beyond Limits’ techniques are different from 99% of the conventional approaches used by many companies today. By leveraging cutting-edge AI advancements, we’re able to take that next leap forward to introduce cognitive (or “human-like”) reasoning.
Our Cognitive AI technology has the ability to understand real-world contexts. Even with insufficient or missing data, the system is able to learn and advise people, leading to more informed decision-making and improved performance for your business. Our approach to artificial intelligence not only leverages every layer in the AI stack, but amplifies the capabilities of people, empowering them to take meaningful actions using expert knowledge.


Learn more about our Cognitive AI technology here.



11 June 2020
Glendale, CA


Beyond Limits originates out of a proud heritage from the unmanned space program and upholds high technology standards from our roots at Caltech NASA/JPL. We have an industrious mission to provide next-generation technology for the advancement of people and planet.

Taking artificial intelligence to the next level is Beyond Limits’ specialty. We are confident in our ability to solve complex problems for high-value industries, because our technology was developed to endure harsh environments, from deep space to subsurface.

As in space, many companies on earth have similar needs for mission-critical systems with acute situational awareness in real-time, predictive analytics, domain expertise at the edge, and instantaneous human-like reasoning to make informed decisions and take meaningful action. This is why Beyond Limits was created.



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21 May 2020
Glendale, CA


Our CEO and Founder, AJ Abdallat has always been fascinated with the wonders of space. Coupled with his parent’s support, he decided to pursue an education in engineering with aspirations of one-day building technology that could accomplish something as great as the moon landing, which inspired him when he was 8 years old. 
AJ’s career journey brought him a step closer to the space program when he started working with Caltech, NASA/JPL. AJ led the organization’s technology transfer program with the goal of bringing space technology to industries on Earth.
In 2014, AJ founded Beyond Limits as a Caltech portfolio company to commercialize technology developed for the unmanned space program, and use that technology to tackle some of the most difficult problems facing industries today.
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10 April 2020
Glendale, CA


Frost & Sullivan’s Best Practices awards distinguish companies in a variety of regional and global markets for demonstrating outstanding achievement and superior performance in areas such as leadership, technological innovation, customer service, and strategic product development.

Analysis of the North American symbolic artificial intelligence for business process automation (BAS) market has encouraged Frost & Sullivan to recognize Beyond Limits with the 2019 North American Technology Innovation Award in that category.



Recognition of this magnitude highlights the capabilities of Beyond Limits’ innovative Cognitive AI to successfully apply optimization and results-oriented solutions that are generally applicable to a variety of production environments; solutions that can be customized for the complex needs of various customers. In situations where slightly changing process margins can yield millions of dollars in savings, Beyond Limits is focused on developing strategic applications for industries with complex and high-value assets.

By surpassing simple predictive maintenance, Beyond Limits Cognitive AI provides tangible results and recommendations that are always explainable, illustrating an understanding of the entire system of production operations as a linked whole and enabling continuous operations with greater efficiency.

In a time where disruptive technology like AI is inevitable, expert human decision-makers are going to want differentiating solutions like Cognitive AI to keep them in the loop and provide them with the tools they need to tackle those higher-value skills only they can supply this ever-evolving world. This Frost & Sullivan award confirms that Beyond Limits is exactly the artificial intelligence company necessary to hit that target.