10 December 2020
Los Angeles, CA


In addition to pioneering advanced artificial intelligence solutions, Beyond Limits also strives to be a leader in developing the next generation of talent in the field of AI. Each year, we recruit students to the Beyonders internship program – offering the chance to gain insight, knowledge, and experience in an immersive two-month program. But, what happens when an internship is suddenly forced to take place under remote conditions, and in-office aspects of an interactive program are eliminated?

Beyond Limits was ready to face these unexpected circumstances in 2020. 19 students joined us this past summer to experience a brand new virtual Beyonders internship program that fostered opportunities for students across the globe to work in various business categories, from Accounting to Software Engineering.

While we didn’t have the opportunity to meet our Beyonders in-person, we aimed to make them feel like they were genuinely a part of the company through a variety of initiatives, workshops, and many more virtual events. From professional development Lunch & Learns with CEO AJ Abdallat to a weekly Game Lunch. Beyonders had unique avenues to fully integrate into Beyond Limits’ culture.

Take a peek into the highlights of this year’s exceptional Beyonders program:

Meet some of our Beyonders in our Spotlight Series
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9 December 2020
Los Angeles, CA
The Beyond Limits Cognitive Formulation Advisor is an AI-driven, web-based software solution for developing and optimizing lubricant blends. The advisor uses historical blend data and applies advanced AI methods with encoded domain knowledge to provide a fast, reliable, and unified process across the entire organization. This technology has been adopted by major energy companies who are already experiencing significant material and program cost reduction and faster time-to-market.
Check out this video to see how the Cognitive Formulation Advisor can accelerate product development, increase efficiency, and improve profitability.
8 December 2020
Los Angeles, CA
The Beyond Limits Refinery Operations Advisor is a web-based software system that empowers refinery operations teams to plan, operate and improve process manufacturing performance by improving how the workforce makes complex decisions.
The system is designed to “think” like an engineer, and is configured from the ground up by site teams, providing expert guidance and resolving problems across systems, including process units and sub-systems. The advisor goes beyond conventional asset-only focused approaches to ensure system-wide processes and objectives are met or exceeded.
Check out this video to see how the Refinery Operations Advisor can improve operating consistency across plan cycles & shifts, up-skill operations teams in real-time, and increase efficiency.

The Process Manufacturing industry contends with critical challenges that can impede financial performance, often facing market disruptions and inadequate factory operations due to suboptimal conditions, inefficient decision-making, and processes that are often carried out in silos.

The path toward driving value in process manufacturing can be discovered with Beyond Limits AI.



Check out this video to see how advanced artificial intelligence solutions can help manage operations, increasing access to valuable data, holistically optimizing processes, enhancing decision-making, and boosting revenue.



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01 December 2020
Webinar Air Date: 11 November 2020 
Los Angeles, CA


Revolutionizing Human Decisions with AI & Digitization
AI solutions are providing the refining industry unparalleled opportunities to be at the forefront of digital transformation by optimizing human decision-making to achieve ideal operational performance. Recent challenges have accelerated a shift to AI-led efficiency plans in downstream. But how exactly is that efficiency achieved, and how can you trust in this new path to automation?
This innovation webinar spotlights why refinery teams need to implement AI systems that focus on optimizing human decisions with an explanation of how this approach leads to truly efficient operations.
Check out this video to learn:



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19 November 2020
Los Angeles, CA
“I think climate change is a very important issue facing us and facing the next generations. I think we need to do everything in our power to address that problem.”
-AJ Abdallat, CEO & Founder, Beyond Limits
In a recent article for Forbes Tech Council, AJ Abdallat, Beyond Limits CEO discusses how AI is believed to be the most advanced technology available to humans that can play a principal role in addressing one of our world’s most important issues; transitioning to a low-carbon future.
The numerous transformative capabilities of artificial intelligence are being realized in various industries across the globe. Advanced solutions, like Cognitive AI, are already providing the energy and industrial IoT sectors with holistic insights across their entire organization, down to the smallest details.
Through this unparalleled clarity, critical and complex industries are better able to more readily identify the most ideal methods for optimizing processes at every level and discover alternative practices that can reduce costs, decrease waste, generate more efficient operations, and yield a more climate-friendly outlook as a result.
Watch our latest Beyond The Buzz video to hear why it’s critical to progress artificial intelligence in transitioning to a low-carbon future. At Beyond Limits, we aim to pioneer AI that is intentional and contributory. Beyond Limits stands by solutions that will fight for our world and its future generations.


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5 November 2020
Los Angeles, CA
The power industry today is hampered by revenue loss, prolonged downtime, and diminished asset life. Driving value in power starts by tackling these operational and maintenance challenges with AI to increase efficiency and profitability. McKinsey & Company reports that AI and digitization can increase asset productivity by up to 20% and reduce overall maintenance costs by 10%.
Check out this video to learn how Beyond Limits AI solutions can radically optimize asset, network, and business operations by digitizing operating models in the power industry.


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22 October 2020
Los Angeles, CA


State-of-the-art technology is making its mark on every part of the modern economy, and the energy industry is no exception. Energy companies have traditionally been dependent on side-by-side working environments to manage large-scale operations, but all of this has changed with the COVID-19 pandemic. Today’s circumstances have made it even more challenging for senior-level engineers to provide their expert guidance to junior-level engineers when working onsite. It’s important that advanced technologies like Cognitive AI play a crucial role in supporting the industry to best adapt during this transitional period.

In this video, Data Scientist Dr. Michael Krause outlines how to overcome the most common challenges when adopting AI. Dr. Krause also provides insights into how traditional onsite operations have had to adjust amid COVID-19 and the role AI is playing to help solve this challenge. Watch the video below to learn how. 



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24 September 2020
Los Angeles, CA
Beyond Limits CEO, AJ Abdallat participated at ENGenious Online, along with some of our AI experts, to share insights into how digitalization and AI strategies can benefit the energy industry. A key takeaway from ENGenious is that the energy industry’s relationship with AI & digital transformation is proving to be crucial for organizations to continue delivering value and more effectively managing their response to the unique demands of today.
Watch this video to understand how AI is being used by the energy industry to elevate efficiency through more proactive monitoring of equipment, resulting in increased risk identification and mitigation.

Interested to learn more about the role advanced AI is playing in the Energy Industry? Head to our Energy Solutions page to get started.

Beyond Limits
Los Angeles, CA
The future of downstream operations starts with delivering value from artificial intelligence. Inefficient operations, inconsistent shift performance, and uncertainty are impediments to maximizing value in downstream. Today, AI is proving itself as a crucial key for improving profitability and closing the performance gap.
In this video, learn how Beyond Limits AI for downstream results in revenue from AI:
27 August 2020
Los Angeles, CA


AI has the potential to transform how our education system operates while creating more support for teachers and students of all backgrounds.

Among its many benefits, AI can even be utilized to help educators foster a more inclusive environment. AI-based language translation, for example, may enable more students with diverse backgrounds to feel more comfortable participating in class and increase opportunities for closer listening during important lectures.

Schools can even use AI to offer a truly personalized learning experience, overcoming one of the biggest limitations of our current, one-to-many education model.

The benefits of implementing AI in education are limitless. At Beyond Limits, we aim to develop AI that is both accessible and beneficial for our future generations. Watch the video below to see how: 





26 August 2020
Glendale, CA
The Future of AI in Energy: How Cognitive AI Delivers More Value from Complex Assets
Recent challenges have impacted the Energy industry, revealing costly operational inefficiencies. Operators are quickly realizing an immediate need to optimize operations and get the most out of their assets in order to maintain a competitive edge. Advanced AI & digitization strategies provide opportunities for operators to be better positioned for the future by capturing full margins and increasing production from existing assets.
In this webinar our experts will show you:

+ How AI is being applied today in Energy to increase operational efficiency and reduce operating costs.

+ What exactly Cognitive AI is and how it reduces the loss of institutional knowledge due to attrition.

+ Crucial insights into how AI strategies can both help during these unprecedented times and ultimately deliver more value to the bottom line.


Interested? Watch our webinar below to get started: