Beyond Conventional AI

Beyond Limits is the only AI company in the world with advanced intelligence systems proven in the extreme environments of Mars and the greater Solar System. We have delivered AI systems to places where no other AI company could go, under conditions too extreme for other AI companies to master. Today, Beyond Limits goes beyond conventional AI, applying our pioneering inventions and proven technologies from the space program to solve complex mission-critical business, industrial, and medical problems for companies here on earth.

Photo Credit: NASA

Photo Credit: NASA

About Us

Beyond Limits is a pioneering Artificial Intelligence company with a storied history in Space Exploration. A satellite of NASA's Jet Propulsion Lab and Caltech, Beyond Limits provides advanced intelligence solutions that go far beyond conventional AI. Our cognitive computing technology mimics human thought processes and provides autonomous reasoning to aid human-like decision-making.

Breakthrough AI software systems that powered cognitive reasoning for famous missions like Journey, Sojourner, Pathfinder, Voyager, Galileo, Magellan, and Curiosity, the Mars Rover have been brought down to earth by Beyond Limits. We're now putting these systems to work for industrial and enterprise companies seeking advanced intelligence solutions for competitive advantage or business transformation. 

Advanced Intelligence Solutions for Industry Leaders