Beyond Conventional AI

Beyond Limits is the only AI company in the world with advanced intelligence systems proven in extreme environments from 15,000 thousand feet underground for oil and gas exploration to 150 million miles into space for scientific research. Our technology has been to places where no other AI company could go, under conditions too extreme for others to master. Today, Beyond Limits goes beyond conventional AI, applying our pioneering inventions with proven technologies from the space program to solve complex mission-critical business, industrial, and medical problems for companies here on earth. Our systems go beyond artificially intelligent to new levels of cognitively capable.


But we take it a step beyond. In our space program experience, extreme distances and harsh environments make data unreliable. But mission-critical decisions still have to be made correctly and in real-time, even when partial information is the only thing that is available. Our AI systems are designed to provide human-like reasoning, contextual awareness, and informed decision-making, despite erroneous or missing data. This is what we call cognitive intelligence. Beyond Limits’ cognitive agents are trained and deployed to solve complex industrial and enterprise problems, bringing cognitive advantages to energy, fin-tech, healthcare, and logistics.

As enterprises seek to analyze data to find actionable insights, they run into formidable problems. Up to 80% of data is not stored in tidy relational databases for easy access. It’s unstructured, scattered throughout the organization in countless locations, documents, images, emails, blogs, videos, even social media. Frequently, data is either missing or misleading making interpretation difficult, if not impossible.  Putting the pieces together into a coherent picture is a huge challenge. Which is exactly why Beyond Limits exists. Solving complex problems is in our strength, and cognitive intelligence our DNA. Beyond Limits AI systems are designed from the ground up to organize and analyze vast quantities of unstructured data.

Advanced Intelligence Solutions for Industry Leaders

Beyond Limits empowers companies seeking cognitive AI solutions for competitive advantage or business transformation. We solve tough, complex, mission-critical business problems for industries that matter. Industries with massive scale that touch millions of people. Beyond Limits solutions provide leaders with actionable information for faster, better decisions that reduce risk and increase opportunity.