Artificial Intelligence For The World's Most Demanding Industries

Energy + Oil & Gas
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Optimize operations across the Energy + Oil & Gas value-chain

Increase efficiency, improve communication & strengthen collaboration

Power + Natural Resources
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Elevate Power + Natural Resource management through improved operations

Improve performance & operator support by increasing fuel savings, stabilizing production quality & reducing carbon

Manufacturing + Industrial IoT
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Boost Manufacturing + IIOT operational performance

Provide unprecedented control, visibility & alignment across operational teams & objectives

Healthcare + Evolving AI Markets
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Explainable AI - trusted solutions for critical Evolving Markets

Deliver dynamic support through predictive modeling & forecasting resource supply & demand

Go Beyond Conventional AI to Transform Your Business

Beyond Limits’ breakthrough cognitive technology goes beyond conventional AI. Our systems utilize a unique hybrid approach, combining the best of conventional numeric AI approaches and the best of higher-order symbolic AI techniques to deliver cognitive reasoning and intelligence that emulates human intuition.



Our cognitive engines are trained on data and educated by knowledge, to provide clear guidance to humans for better decision-making. All Beyond Limits systems deliver transparent audit trails that explain the reasoning and evidence for their recommendations (X-AI).


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