Our goal is to create automated solutions with human-like reasoning powers that magnify the capabilities of people. We pride ourselves as the only AI company that provides solutions for problems that cannot be solved using conventional AI approaches.

Beyond Limits goes beyond conventional AI by delivering advanced intelligence solutions that have been tested and proven in the harshest, most extreme conditions in space and the most demanding conditions on Earth. We deliver cognitive solutions with the resilience, reasoning, and autonomy required by the massive scale and unimaginable distances of interplanetary space to improve the performance of industrial and enterprise systems on Earth. 

Companies benefit

The vast reach of advanced AI, analytics and actionable intelligence provides valuable, actionable insight that enables company leaders to make better business decisions for positive impacts on current and future operations.

Individuals benefit

The autonomous powers of advanced AI monitoring and control enables entire industries to protect human workers from dangerous, repetitive, or purely mechanical labor. The advanced intelligence solutions developed by Beyond Limits magnify human talent, enabling people to apply their attention, experience, and their passions to solving problems that truly matter.

Society benefits

When large organizations harness the predictive powers of advanced AI, they’re able to make decisions based on more than data paired with a gut feeling. That's because our technologies produce the critical audit trails that explain precisely how they arrived at the answer. By factoring decades of experience, working with huge data sets, and harnessing the intelligence of real-time data, society will reap the benefits of advanced AI in the short term and for generations to come.

“Some of the most resounding successes of AI planning and perception methods are in NASA’s autonomous vehicles in space.” - Dr. Bruce Buchanan, A (Very) Short History of AI

When failure is NOT an option

There is no other AI company on Earth that harnesses so much of the powerful IP from NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory and Caltech. Space travel is a high-risk, high-reward game in which even tiny flaws can produce devastating consequences. In space, the challenge is to solve problems in an environment where human astronauts are not onboard to diagnose and fix mission-critical issues. In response, JPL pioneered the development and launch of cutting edge, cognitively aware, and autonomously operating AI systems that accomplished missions hundreds of millions of miles from Earth. 

Many pioneering JPL scientists now work at Beyond Limits, building solutions for companies in down-to-earth industries such as Oil and Gas, Healthcare, Finance, Transportation, and Logistics.

We know all about moonshots. What’s yours?