Artificial intelligence for upstream
Well Health Management

Beyond Limits Well Health solution utilizes historical and real-time sensor data, human knowledge, and cognitive reasoning to maintain a well’s health and optimize production by decreasing maintenance downtime from equipment breakage and production bottlenecks.

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<p>Predict sanding events relative to flow changes</p>

Predict sanding events relative to flow changes

<p>Reduce asphaltene precipitation</p>

Reduce asphaltene precipitation

<p>Boost equipment & pipeline longevity</p>

Boost equipment & pipeline longevity

AI for Field Development planning
Infill well drilling advisor | field planning advisor

Beyond Limits Oil Field Management AI solutions learn from historical data and human expertise to support key stakeholders while improving and complementing conventional simulation models to pinpoint drilling opportunities, weigh opportunity vs. risk, and accelerate time-to-decision.

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<p>Isolate probabilistic range of production for infill wells</p>

Isolate probabilistic range of production for infill wells

<p>Optimize new & existing well production</p>

Optimize new & existing well production

<p>Expedite drilling investment assessments</p>

Expedite drilling investment assessments

Get the most out of your assets
Get the most out of your assets

See how Beyond Limits AI for Field Development Planning is improving accuracy over existing predictive methodologies & offering explainability for predictions.

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AI for Sand Management
Minimize sanding complications

Beyond Limits’ Sand Management Advisor empowers asset management teams to minimize sanding risk and improve operational reliability for greater performance. It helps identify underlying risks against background trends and overall system state by integrating with sensors to collect real-time data on sand production, sand concentration, and other relevant metrics.

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<p>Preempt sand-related complications</p>

Preempt sand-related complications

<p>Analyze data from well logs to design effective sand control strategies </p>

Analyze data from well logs to design effective sand control strategies

<p>Simulate sand behavior to predict flow assurance</p>

Simulate sand behavior to predict flow assurance

Optimize Blends Configuration

Beyond Limits’ Blend Optimizer combines multiple steps of the formulation process, including historical data management, blend formulation, optimization, and prediction into a cloud-hosted commercial application. By integrating data-driven methods with domain expert knowledge, the Blend Optimizer offers a hybrid machine learning/knowledge-based engine that recommends novel or improved blends optimized for cost and performance.

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<p>Predict optimal compositions for specific product qualities</p>

Predict optimal compositions for specific product qualities

<p>Identify recipes that meet production targets</p>

Identify recipes that meet production targets

<p>Minimize environmental impact</p>

Minimize environmental impact


Decrease uncertainty & increase Upstream decision-making confidence with AI


Speed up time-to-decision for expedited assessments


Boost accuracy for more reliable results


Amplify well field performance to meet revenue targets


Take a look into how Beyond Limits AI for Flow Optimization forecasts sanding incidents relative to well flow changes and offers clear recommendations so operations teams can make more confident, optimal remediation decisions.

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