Beyond Limits is attending the Data-Driven Drilling & Production Conference on June 11-12 in Houston and Dr. Shahram Farhadi, Beyond Limits Technical Head of Energy is set to take the stage.


Dr. Farhadi joins industry trailblazers, innovators, and leaders in upstream to discuss the latest disruptive technologies within data collection, predictive maintenance, E&P automation, and drilling optimization. Shahram will join experts from Shell, ConocoPhillips, Equinor, and Chesapeake Energy to tackle the industry’s core challenges to minimize downtime, enhance safety, and deliver digital transformation.


In advance of his session at DDDP, Shahram discusses how technologies such as cognitive AI can be used for production efficiency initiatives.


“Cognitive AI is used to monitor well health by combining data-driven and expert-guided algorithms” Shahram explains, “Beyond Limits’ Well MD provides diagnostic, prognostic and recommendation assistance to the SME to ensure production under optimal conditions while mitigating risks such as sand production. All Beyond Limits AI solutions provide advice in the form of fully explained reasoning (X-AI) to give human experts the benefit of the reason why for recommendations.”


During the panel, Shahram will discuss how our unique approach is used in monitoring production facilities where a network of systems interact at different levels. Our solutions can help operators navigate this complex environment and pinpoint the root causes of anomalous behaviors.


Cognitive AI is key to increasing production efficiencies. “Beyond Limits’ cognitive reasoning engines utilize physics-based and machine learning transformations along with SME knowledge to significantly increase the levels of system autonomy which enables safe and optimal operations”


Join Shahram at DDDP in Houston and visit our AI experts at booth 26 to find out more about our advanced cognitive AI solutions.


Read more about Well MD, our cognitive well health advisor that Shahram is referencing during his panel session >