Beyond Conventional AI

Intelligent Engines Make The Cognitive Leap

Beyond Limits’ breakthrough technology takes a cognitive leap beyond conventional AI toward a human-like ability to perceive, understand, correlate, learn, teach, reason and solve problems faster than existing AI solutions. Our systems utilize a unique hybrid procedure, combining the best of conventional numeric AI approaches and advanced symbolic AI techniques to deliver cognitive reasoning and intelligence that emulates human intuition.


A symbolic reasoner lies at the core of Beyond Limits’ cognitive intelligence systems. The reasoner is a cognitive engine that utilizes outputs from sensors and neural nets, alongside trained expert knowledge, to infer on the issue it is encountering. This is a new bi-modal, cognitive-based approach that uses both autonomous and opportunistic self-discovery monitoring to resolve ambiguity. It autonomously shifts through corridors of information to discover plausible facts and scenarios from interpretations of diverse data, while avoiding the usual computational complexities of traditional systems, through a technique called autonomic monitoring. This monitoring is what facilitates serendipitous discovery during cognitive forensic analysis.

Our philosophy centers around the idea that the brain is composed of distinct (but interacting) modules that self-organize to solve problems using a complement of local learning (“training”) and innate knowledge (“education”). In this way, our systems are designed to learn autonomously, and become smarter with every cycle, in order to provide transparent guidance that assists humans in making better decisions.