22 October 2020
Los Angeles, CA


State-of-the-art technology is making its mark on every part of the modern economy, and the energy industry is no exception. Energy companies have traditionally been dependent on side-by-side working environments to manage large-scale operations, but all of this has changed with the COVID-19 pandemic. Today’s circumstances have made it even more challenging for senior-level engineers to provide their expert guidance to junior-level engineers when working onsite. It’s important that advanced technologies like Cognitive AI play a crucial role in supporting the industry to best adapt during this transitional period.

In this video, Data Scientist Dr. Michael Krause outlines how to overcome the most common challenges when adopting AI. Dr. Krause also provides insights into how traditional onsite operations have had to adjust amid COVID-19 and the role AI is playing to help solve this challenge. Watch the video below to learn how. 



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