11 March 2021
Los Angeles, CA


The current pace of AI innovation is accelerating in the energy sector, jump-starting a need for high-performance AI. Join Shahram Farhadi, Beyond Limits CTO of Industrial AI, along with Marc Spieler, NVIDIA Global Director of Energy, for this CERAWeek Lyceum talk that discusses why high-performance computing resources are critical for new AI paradigms in the energy industry, especially the computationally heavy upstream sector.
Check out this talk to discover:
  • How new AI technologies such as Beyond Limits’ Field Planning Advisor have opened new pathways to solving difficult computational problems in the upstream sector. 
  • The impact of high-performance AI on achieving Net Zero in the upstream sector including reduced drilling and enhanced carbon capture storage site identification.
  • Why it’s important to consider sensor placement technology when building autonomous plants and grids of the future for greater sustainability and efficiency.
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