Originally Posted: 26 & 28 March 2021
Los Angeles, CA
Forbes recently featured Beyond Limits in not one but two articles focusing on the energy/oil and gas sector.
Oil Industry Turns to AI to Help Confront Daunting Challenges Is an article discussing obstacles the industry is currently facing in this era of evolution and digital transformation. Artificial intelligence (AI) technologies are framed as hopeful solutions that address a growing list of concerns including complications posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, carbon-neutral and renewable transition expectations, maintenance issues, and more.
“Upstream oil companies are also using AI to optimize the storage of CO₂ for enhanced oil recovery. Beyond Limits, a Los Angeles-based industrial AI software company, has created an oilfield optimization application, in which captured CO₂ is pumped down a well bore to force more oil to the surface while ensuring the unwanted CO₂ remains trapped in the subsurface environment.”


Oil, Gas Companies Deploy AI in the Fight to Reduce Carbon Emissions Is another article in which Forbes takes a deeper look at the important role enterprise-grade AI software solutions are playing in the industry’s efforts to transform their operational efficiencies when it comes to reducing carbon emissions. Beyond Limits’ own Michael Krause, Senior Manager of AI Solutions, was quoted in an impactful section of the article discussing the tangible ways in which such solutions are being utilized by the sector today to boost efficiency.
“Just bringing that efficiency to the table, from exploration to bringing the first well to market, that gives not only monetary dividends, but also reduces the CO₂ footprint for every barrel of oil.”