Join our industry leaders in AI and refining to learn about the rise of Cognitive technology in refining by registering here.
The refining industry is undergoing a digital transformation to drive new business value and overcome optimization & profitability challenges. While traditional automation technologies such as advance process control and optimization have attempted to close the commercial gap, many refiners continue to meet varying levels of success between planned objectives and actual performance results.
Artificial Intelligence technologies for refinery optimization are entering a new phase beyond the limitations of data-centric machine learning models. Join industry leaders in AI and refining to learn how cognitive technologies can complement your traditional process by improving stakeholder decisions, capturing expert knowledge, and driving economic optimization opportunities based on actual process conditions.
How far can Cognitive AI take us? Join us on November 17th and 18th to hear from refinery experts and industry leaders as they deep-dive into a new product proven to close the commercial profitability gap at your refineries, presented by Beyond Limits, ARC Advisory Group and bp.
You’ll learn more about:
+ How to close the profitability gap in refinery operations by adding AI software-based Advisors
+ How bp achieved remarkable savings and seamless operator adoption of this new software system
+ How your expert refinery knowledge can live on in the organization to better standardize processes
We’re going live at 3 time slots to accommodate our global viewers:
+ November 17 at 1pm CST for North America & Latin America
+ November 17 at 3pm GMT for Europe & Middle East
+ November 18 at 10am SGT for Asia-Pacific
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