10 December 2020
Los Angeles, CA


In addition to pioneering advanced artificial intelligence solutions, Beyond Limits also strives to be a leader in developing the next generation of talent in the field of AI. Each year, we recruit students to the Beyonders internship program – offering the chance to gain insight, knowledge, and experience in an immersive two-month program. But, what happens when an internship is suddenly forced to take place under remote conditions, and in-office aspects of an interactive program are eliminated?

Beyond Limits was ready to face these unexpected circumstances in 2020. 19 students joined us this past summer to experience a brand new virtual Beyonders internship program that fostered opportunities for students across the globe to work in various business categories, from Accounting to Software Engineering.

While we didn’t have the opportunity to meet our Beyonders in-person, we aimed to make them feel like they were genuinely a part of the company through a variety of initiatives, workshops, and many more virtual events. From professional development Lunch & Learns with CEO AJ Abdallat to a weekly Game Lunch. Beyonders had unique avenues to fully integrate into Beyond Limits’ culture.

Take a peek into the highlights of this year’s exceptional Beyonders program:

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