21 January 2021
Los Angeles, CA


The WE3 summit connects global thought-leaders who are embracing change and defining the dent we should put in our water-energy future by focusing on the intersection of sustainable transformation, investment, innovative technology, and regulation for our economic recovery.
AJ Abdallat, Beyond Limits CEO, joined Deepak Garg, CEO of Smart Energy Water, for the panel: Accelerating Digital Transformation with Artificial Intelligence.
Check out the panel below to learn more about the way AI is being used in the water and energy industries.
  • How AI, which can encode human knowledge, is being used to close the knowledge gap and support economic advancement in developing countries with limited access to domain expertise in water and energy sectors.
  • Why the adoption of AI is being accelerated so quickly – and how workforces are learning to implement and trust AI systems.
  • How AI is being used to support sustainability at the consumer level, giving users an option to base their buying decisions around achieving a lower-carbon footprint – in addition to other variables, such as cost.
  • Why we’ll see increased adoption at an industrial scale – and how key trends illustrate the importance of more flexible and intelligent AI systems.

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