About Beyond Limits

Beyond Limits is a full-stack artificial intelligence engineering company creating advanced software solutions that go beyond conventional AI. Beyond Limits solves tough, complex, mission-critical business problems for industries that matter. Industries with massive scale that touch millions of people. Beyond Limits provides people with information for faster, better decisions that reduce risk.

Cognitive intelligence and human-like reasoning set Beyond Limits apart from others. Beyond Limits breakthrough cognitive technology goes beyond conventional AI, blending deep learning and machine learning tools together with symbolic AI that emulates human intuition to deliver cognitive reasoning and intelligence. Our systems are trained on data and educated by knowledge, which greatly reduces the amount of data needed to make them intelligent.

Because of Beyond Limits unique heritage from the NASA space program, our systems are designed to handle the unknown, including imperfect or missing data. This means we can solve problems that conventional deep learning approaches alone cannot do. Beyond Limits solutions are fast, efficient, and run on lightweight hardware. No supercomputer needed.

We Believe

Artificial Intelligence technology is not intended to replace people or their jobs. In our hands, AI’s job is to take on tasks – difficult, tedious, repetitive, sometimes dangerous, remote, or in challenging environments – so people can work on more important things. Over time, our cognitive AI agents can be trusted to interpret their surroundings accurately, analyze real-time data and compare with historical data. They reason like humans to develop strategies, formulate hypotheses, test ideas, predict problems, determine solutions, and carry out remedies to solve problems. In our view, AI is intended to magnify the talent, capability, and opportunity of people in a symbiotic partnership.


We specialize in complex challenges in extreme environments. Human beings haven’t done many things more difficult than landing spacecraft on a planet 150 million miles away. It takes extreme trust in the AI to drive autonomous decision-making beyond the reach of human experts. We recognize that many companies on earth have similar needs for mission critical systems with acute situational awareness in realtime, predictive analytics, domain expertise at the edge, and instantaneous human-like reasoning to make informed decisions and take meaningful action. This is why Beyond Limits was created. This is our world.

JPL Heritage

Beyond Limits is a unique AI company, with proud Caltech/JPL heritage in our leadership team, and proven technology from the NASA space program, one of the most comprehensive, cognitive reasoning technology portfolios in the world. Founded in 2014 by AJ Abdallat and Mark James, the company leverages technology developed to help explore our solar system and beyond. The technology was created to handle unknown and harsh environments, because when you’re in space, you’re dealing with a dynamic system. You never know if you’re going to have the right data or misleading data. But the mission cannot stop. We’re taking that same approach and strategy to solving complex problems here on Earth. For example, energy companies always deal with harsh environments, in the North Sea, the Arctic Circle, the Gulf of Mexico, or in the middle of the desert. You want a successful mission, and failure is not an option. Beyond Limits is an AI leader with breakthrough cognitive technology that goes beyond conventional AI, blending numeric deep learning and machine learning tools together with symbolic AIs that emulate human intuition. This is what we call cognitive intelligence.