02 May 2019
Author: MontyTV (The Montgomery Summit)
Originally posted on MontyTV

Beyond Limits CEO & Co-Founder, AJ Abdallat was a key presenter at the annual Montgomery Summit in Santa Monica, California. AJ presented the company’s breakthrough approach to AI (artificial intelligence) to Montgomery’s global community of over 1,000 venture capitalists, innovators, and executive leaders.


While at the summit, AJ sat down with the Montgomery Summit’s Jacki Karsh to discuss Beyond Limits origins as a Caltech/NASA Jet Propulsion Lab portfolio company and how our technology is tied to NASA’s unmanned space program. AJ highlights why our advanced cognitive AI technologies can withstand harsh environments like space or Mars and how we are applying these technologies to industrial challenges on earth.


When asked to further explain our technology, AJ highlights the difference between cognitive AI and Machine Learning: “Machine Learning is a phenomenal system, but you need data to train the system and computer infrastructure to support that system. When you are operating in space, you are dealing with the unknown and encountering problems you haven’t seen before.”


Beyond Limits, like NASA, is taking the approach to use data when data is available and useful, but also to use human knowledge when running into challenges the world hasn’t seen before, problems that have no data sets. This unified approach of using data sets and codifying human knowledge has been working well for NASA and a major differentiator of Beyond Limits’ technology.


Where is this all heading? If you look at AI over the last 8 years, it’s been phenomenal growth for machine learning and deep learning, but really that’s the low hanging fruit when it comes to the future of Artificial Intelligence. Beyond Limits is that next step in AI to allow you to obtain actionable intelligence after you extract features from machine learning and deep learning.


Want to learn more? Watch the full interview below!