28 May 2018

Author: Ton Dobbe

Original Podcast: Value Inspiration: New Ways AI Helps Scale Human Talent to Solve Global Problems

An interview with AJ Abdallat, Founder and CEO of Beyond Limits

My guest on the podcast this week is AJ Abdallat, founder, and CEO of Beyond Limits
He’s is on a mission to make life better for all of us by changing the landscape of artificial intelligence so that it can achieve its unfulfilled potential.

He’s a serial entrepreneur with more than 19 years of experience of bringing high-tech start-up’s to fruition, specializing in artificial intelligence, reasoning systems, and smart sensors.

He founded Beyond Limits in 2014 to drive new innovation and IP by commercializing AI programs from the NASA Deep Space program to solve challenging problems for companies on Earth.

The company’s technology is an evolutionary leap beyond conventional AI to a human-like ability to perceive, understand, correlate, learn, teach, reason, and solve problems faster than conventional AI solutions. In other words, their solutions can magnify human talent, enabling people to apply their attention, experience, and their passions to solving problems that truly matter.

This inspired me, in particular, to understand how their products could help to solve the challenge of capturing and scaling unique skills and expertise, in a world where the working population is shrinking rapidly.

Hence, I invited AJ to my podcast. Here are some of his quotes:

“What we’re trying to do with Beyond Limits, we feel that those same conditions and problems that exist in space, we can apply those to some of those complex problems here on earth, in energy and healthcare.

We’re caputuring that human knowledge in AI in what we call cognitive agents.

We’re actually are taking the knowledge of a highly skilled individual and scaling that across the organization where we’re allowing less skilled individual to be able to utilize that.

…in the space business, you really have very experienced and seasoned scientists.

A lot of them they love their job. Quite of them are close to retirement. You really want to capture that knowledge and experience, and you can transfer that to the younger generation.

This is where we believe there is a significant collaboration between man and machine to do that.”


By listening to this podcast, you will learn three things:

  1. That a key element to crack for AI to be truly valuable in dynamic situations is to deal with situations where the data does not exist, is missing, or corrupt.

  2. Why we need to focus more on solving the growing human intelligence scarcity challenge that many organizations face (which goes beyond just freeing existing capacity from non-value adding repetitive tasks)

  3. Why every company will fare well by making a conscious decision to focus on those complex, harsh, zero-tolerance problems where it can make a unique impact.


Listen to the full Podcast here