Editorial Note: This article has been translated from Traditional Chinese


Recently, Mars exploration has become hot news, reinvigorating Beyond Limits’ AI technology origin story from NASA’s Mars Project in 2012. Using Beyond Limits Cognitive AI technology, the Curiosity Rover had the ability to approach human-like reasoning to autonomously judge and deal with unfamiliar situations, helping it successfully complete its mission. This success story boosted the market potential for Beyond Limits AI.
Pre-existing AI technology only provided single-point analytical functionality after accumulating big data and simply yielded the answer (“what”) to the user’s problem without explaining its reasoning (“why”). This describes an AI black box that feeds distrust. Because of this lack of trust, there had been some hesitation around AI adoption in high-risk industries.
Introducing Human Knowledge with One-stop Solution Capabilities
However, Beyond Limits Cognitive AI is different from previous technology. It adopts the introduction of human knowledge, encodes that expertise, and builds in human-like reasoning for model inference. Therefore, even in an environment with limited information, suitable countermeasures can be calculated in real-time because Beyond Limits AI has a comprehensive perspective. Its one-stop solution capabilities have become valued for future application potential in critical industries such as energy, healthcare, manufacturing, and more. A good example includes supermajor, bp, successfully implementing Beyond Limits AI technology to help identify problems and optimize the decision-making process. bp has also participated in Beyond Limits’ Series B and C funding rounds.
Human-like Reasoning for Enhanced AI Trust
David Liu, Executive Chairman of Beyond Limits Asia Pacific provided a vivid example of an autonomous scenario where a conventional system may detect obstacles and suggest an alternate course. Though, a cognitive system based on human-like reasoning would go further because it has the ability to consider the obstacle as well as the potential for additional obstacles that could result from the original.
Beyond Limits AI solutions’ cognitive abilities make them more all-encompassing, logical, and interpretable – advantages that allow users to better understand the reasoning behind their recommendations, thereby greatly enhancing trust in the AI. After all, no matter how good it is – if technology cannot reassure users, it has no commercial value.
Zhang Zhongyi, General Manager of Beyond Limits Taiwan, added that Beyond Limits AI is not only highly efficient with a high level of trust, but it is also an AI software platform with an open SaaS model which can be applied to different units or fields according to the needs of the client. The professional expertise and industry know-how of past experts are preserved through the technology, made accessible across an organization, and transformed into the role of an advisor to humans in the loop.
Observing that Taiwan has ample AI talent, Beyond Limits will expand its presence in Taiwan this year. In addition to planning on setting up an R&D center in Taiwan and strategic partnerships with hardware chip makers, the company will also actively cooperate with numerous industries to improve business processes and maximize value.
About Beyond Limits
Beyond Limits is an industrial and enterprise-grade artificial intelligence company built for the most demanding sectors including energy, utilities, and healthcare.
Beyond traditional artificial intelligence, Beyond Limits’ unique Cognitive AI technology combines numeric techniques like machine learning with knowledge-based reasoning to produce actionable intelligence. Customers implement Beyond Limits AI to boost operational insights, improve operating conditions, enhance performance at every level, and ultimately increase profits as a result.
Founded in 2014, Beyond Limits leverages a significant investment portfolio of advanced technology developed at Caltech’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory for NASA space missions. The company was recently honored by CB Insights on their 2020 List of Top AI 100 most innovative artificial intelligence startups and by Frost & Sullivan for their North American Technology Innovation Award.