16 September 2019


All of us at Beyond Limits are thrilled to bring our full-stack, advanced artificial intelligence (AI) expertise to our local community by becoming a proud sponsor of Glendale’s 4th Annual Tech Week. The City of Glendale’s Economic Development Division was excited to once again revive this popular event for a fourth time. Last year’s Tech Week boasted over 3,500 attendees. With impressive numbers like that, it’s becoming more and more apparent that the tech ecosystem is starting to flourish in Glendale, California – and we are honored to be in such great company.



Glendale Tech Week will take place Sept. 14-21 in various pockets of the downtown area depending on the type of event you’re interested in attending. Start-ups, entrepreneurs, students, tech specialists, business leaders and beyond should swing by to check out all the GTW events including: panels, industry speed networking opportunities, career fairs, live demos, mixers, and more.

“Move over Silicon Valley,” said Diane Zuckerman, Beyond Limits’ VP of Emerging Markets. “Glendale, California is emerging as one of the next big tech hubs of the nation. As a leading AI company in Glendale, during this exciting time for the city, we have a crucial responsibility to be active participants in the community’s technological evolution. Ethical AI is equally as important as the technology itself; it must represent each and every one of us as it develops and forges ahead.”

Beyond Limits experts will be hosting a panel (led by Diane Zuckerman) on an Introduction to Artificial Intelligence at Theodore Roosevelt Middle School on Monday, Sept. 16 for an insider’s look into genuine cognitive AI, what the technology currently looks like and how it will evolve in the future. Our very own Software Engineers – Uche Akataobi, Shreya Wagle and Laura Marsh, alongside Data Scientists – Nicole Thompson and Giovanni Gentile will spotlight how Beyond Limits brought artificial intelligence used in NASA space endeavors down to solve real-world problems here on Earth for the world’s most demanding industries.



“Artificial Intelligence is the next inevitable surge in tech innovation,” said Laura Marsh. “Companies that are hesitant to invest in these solutions will surely be left in the dust, because all the truly revolutionary businesses won’t hesitate. Since AI is the natural path forward, it is also vital for us to educate our upcoming generations about the realities of this technology; pushing past the clichés so that they can have a more genuine grasp on what the future of AI will look like for them – which is why we are pumped to be involved in this panel with our local middle school.”

We invite all to attend: students, parents, professionals and anyone who has ever had any interest in learning more about why AI is the future of technology.

Sounds like a promising industry in which to start a career, doesn’t it? We’ll also be talking about what engineers and data scientists actually do when they’re working on developing cognitive AI technology, what a career in this fast-growing world looks like, and where to begin after deciding to pursue a path in the field. In the meantime, take a peek at the open positions for which Beyond Limits is currently hiring to get a preview of the diverse landscape of opportunities available in artificial intelligence.

“Exposing as many young adults as possible to careers in tech at an early age is crucial to generating diversity within the industry,” said Nicole Thompson. “Events like these are especially important for reaching out to kids that may not know adults in STEM or AI.”


If you’re interested in joining our panel, please check out all the details below:


Where: Theodore Roosevelt Middle School – Auditorium | 222 East Acacia Ave. Glendale, CA

When: Monday, September 16, 2019 | 3:30-4:30 PM