26 August 2019
Beyond Limits 


Calling all women in tech! We at Beyond Limits, a leading full-stack engineering company of advanced artificial intelligence (AI) solutions, are partnering with Pasadena Women in Tech to host a meeting-of-the minds. The event will take place at 6 p.m. on Wednesday, Aug. 28 at the WeWork in Pasadena. A keynote speech featuring two of our own – Software Engineer, Laura Marsh and Senior Technical Recruiter, Monique Perez will shed light on what women in tech are currently doing within the AI realm and the range of positions available to all. Come join us for the opportunity to connect with your fellow women in the technology industry, while simultaneously satisfying that long-standing curiosity about the world of artificial intelligence.



We are thrilled that this event will be hosted in Pasadena, a pseudo-homage to the heritage of our company. Out of a proud Caltech/JPL legacy, and innovative technology developed for the NASA space program, came breakthrough solutions. Fast forward to today, Beyond Limits has revolutionized those solutions with cognitive intelligence and human-like reasoning; which serve as the key components that make us stand out among the rest. Come take a peek at some of the pioneering projects underway at Beyond Limits, and how we are using cognitive AI to apply the technology for the world’s most demanding industries.

Beyond Limits’ inclusion ambitions have been made apparent since our company’s inception by way of active involvement in nonprofits like Wonder Women in Tech, diversity-focused recruiting events such as WomenHack LA, and various other collaborations. The goal is to shed light on the significance of workplace diversity and marry overlooked top talent with symbiotic opportunities.

“We are greater when we are equal,” said Shreya Wagle, one of Beyond Limits’ Software Engineers. “In my opinion, promoting awareness of self and others and embracing the differences forms the crux of D&I.”



Diversity and inclusion are such fundamental priorities at Beyond Limits that our own CEO, AJ Abdallat wrote a pointed piece earlier this year for the Forbes Technology Council on exactly how these initiatives are vital for companies focused on Gaining a Competitive Edge and increasing value.

“In the future I hope seeing women in tech becomes something so commonplace that we don’t need special events, or nods from management for simply being a woman in a career field that men have traditionally dominated,” said Nicole Thompson, a Data Scientist here at Beyond Limits. “I hope it becomes normal to walk into a tech company and see as many female technical employees as males. I hope for a future where productivity, talent, and ideas become the determinants of success in the workplace – not gender. I think we are heading in that direction, and while working at Beyond Limits I’ve been lucky enough to be exposed to a really supportive work environment – which makes that future less of an idea, and more of a reality.”

Speaking of realizing increased value via inclusion, it is important to note that we have a large number of open positions for which we are currently recruiting – including those in Software Engineering, Program Managers, Data Science, and more. Check them all out on our Careers Page.

“Every voice matters,” said Monique Perez, Beyond Limits’ Senior Technical Recruiter. “It’s important that cutting edge technology represents each and every one of us as it moves forwards and progresses; which is why we always strive to diversify and get the word out about all our available positions throughout a variety of communities.”



So, let’s all come together to get to know our tremendous community of industrious boss ladies a little better while indulging in some productive happy hour hoopla. If you’re interested in joining the gathering, please register here: PWiT x Beyond Limits.

Looking forward to seeing you all there

Where: 177 E Colorado Blvd. Pasadena, California

When: August 28 at 6-8 p.m.