8 October 2019
Glendale, CA


Beyond Limits, a full-stack Artificial Intelligence software engineering company, is bringing their advanced AI solutions to Japan’s tech scene. The company recently announced a strategic partnership with system integrator REBOMIX to facilitate expansion into Japan’s market. The company also confirmed its presence at the 2019 Nikkei xTECH EXPO. As a pioneer in advanced Cognitive AI solutions for heavy industry and automotive applications, Beyond Limits leverages technology developed for NASA space missions to solve complex problems for the world’s most demanding industries. Now they are making headway to help forward-looking companies throughout Japan take their businesses to the next level in technology.


REBOMIX Partnership

Beyond Limits has partnered with REBOMIX, a Tokyo system integrator, to offer their expertise to Japan’s industrial market. REBOMIX’s consultation-centered collaboration efforts will enable Beyond Limits to gain traction for delivering powerful AI solutions by opening avenues to fresh prospects.


Beyond Limits at the 2019 Nikkei xTECH EXPO

Beyond Limits announcing their debut attendance at the Nikkei xTECH EXPO is a significant step in building the company’s footprint in the Japanese market. Beyond Limits’ Vice President of Emerging Markets, APAC – Diane Zuckerman, and the REBOMIX team will be showcasing their innovative technology at booth #2113 from October 9-11 at the Tokyo International Exhibition Center (Tokyo Big Sight).


Beyond Conventional Artificial Intelligence – Cognitive AI That’s also Explainable (XAI)

Beyond Limits powers solutions that go beyond the barriers of commonly employed conventional AI, to deliver a hybrid approach that combines numeric machine learning and deep learning techniques with higher-order symbolic AI. These Cognitive AI engines deliver human-like reasoning to provide clear, understandable solutions to complex problems. Unlike most “black box” AI techniques, Beyond Limits has pioneered “glass box” Explainable AI with encoded expert human knowledge to yield recommendations that can be understood by people and interpreted by machines.



Beyond Limits is a full-stack Artificial Intelligence engineering company creating advanced software solutions that go beyond conventional AI. Founded in 2014, Beyond Limits is transforming proven technologies from Caltech and NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory into advanced AI solutions, hardened to industrial strength, and put to work for forward-looking companies on earth. Beyond Limits leverages this unparalleled innovation portfolio, along with proprietary cognitive technologies, to help companies solve tough, complex, mission-critical problems and transform their business. They apply a unique hybrid approach to AI, combining numeric AI techniques like machine learning with higher order symbolic AI and expert human knowledge to deliver intuitive cognitive reasoning and information. The result is faster, better decisions that reduce risk and increase revenue. For more information, please visit www.beyond.ai.


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