2 October 2019
Original Article Posted 10/1/2019
Author: S. C. Stuart for PCMag.com


PCMAG featured Beyond Limits in an in-depth interview-style article, written by S.C. Stuart. Stuart took the time to chat with our very own CEO, AJ Abdallat to highlight the unique capabilities of our advanced Cognitive AI. Stuart and Abdallat took the opportunity to explore the finer details of our company’s origin story, spotlight the pioneering artificial intelligence technology that’s already powering valuable solutions, and elucidate on what the future looks like for our Explainable AI.

“We specialize in solving complex problems in high-risk environments. Unlike the conventional machine learning, neural networks, and deep learning techniques that are gaining traction today, we take a different approach by adding a symbolic reasoning layer to produce cognitive, human-like reasoning. Beyond Limits has deep roots in what we call bio-inspired algorithms that imitate the functions of a human brain. It allows us to do things like deductive, inductive, and abductive human-like reasoning.”  [AJ Abdallat]

Read the full article here.