Game-changing technology goes beyond conventional AI to perceive, understand, correlate, reason, and solve problems faster, with greater precision and reliability


March 4, 2024 – Beyond Limits, an industrial-grade AI software company, today announced its Beyond Limits Hybrid AI Platform designed to transform operational data and knowledge into intelligent decisioning workflows and actionable recommendations for optimizing mission critical applications.

Current AI approaches, reliant on large data sets and ‘black box’ in nature (no explanations for their results), fall short in addressing complex industrial conditions and constraints where failure leads to costly consequences.

In contrast, Beyond Limits Hybrid AI Platform empowers organizations to surpass conventional AI by attaining a human-like capacity to perceive, understand, correlate, reason, and solve problems swiftly and accurately, while adhering to safety and responsible AI standards.

Beyond Limits’ Hybrid AI Platform uniquely combines Symbolic AI reasoner technology with Numeric AI (machine learning, neural networks, and deep learning) models and generative AI to deliver intelligent recommendations and actions to front-line staff.

The Platform offers these powerful advantages:

  • Organizational Knowledge – harnesses all explicit and implicit data and knowledge within an organization into knowledgebases that form the basis for intelligent decisioning.
  • Human-like Reasoning – employs the ability to apply cognitive reasoning techniques that emulate human intuition.
  • Explainability – delivers transparent audit trails explaining the reasoning behind its recommendations and showing the evidence, risk, confidence, and uncertainty.
  • Data Availability – utilizes conventional AI inputs when available but excels even in situations with limited data availability by employing Symbolic techniques.
  • Human-centered Design – designed from the ground up to augment and amplify human abilities, while keeping humans in charge.

Rami Qasem, EVP & Chief Commercial Officer for Beyond Limits Comments, “Beyond Limits’ Hybrid AI Platform focuses on challenges where other AI solutions fall short. Complex industries such as energy, healthcare, and finance simply have too much at stake to trust the decisions of a machine at face value, with no explainable understanding of its reasoning. Only our Hybrid AI Platform can rise to the challenge of explaining the “why” behind its decisions to become a trusted advisor to human decision-makers and delivering organizations significant ROI.”

How It Works

The Hybrid AI Platform knowledge component, KBOps (Knowledge Base Operations), provides subject matter experts with a no code AI system to capture and operationalize knowledge into automated, intelligent decisions at scale. KBOps allows organizations to apply their experts’ knowledge directly into their data and ML pipelines. Knowledge concepts are continuously evaluated against real-time operational data and processed through advanced reasoners to deliver real-time, contextual decision guidance to front-line workers and non-experts.

The Predictive Recommendation Engine (PRE) acts as a smart AI digital assistant delivering the Platform’s alerts, actions, and recommendations.

KBOps and PRE work together to transform machine learning derived predictions into insights that can be actioned. This trusted, explainable data can increase the speed and quality of decision making and reduce operating costs.

Jose Lazarus, Chief Product Officer for Beyond Limits stated, “Enterprise knowledge is fragmented, with a staggering 85% of data existing in an unstructured format. The departure or retirement of employees leads to the loss of crucial business insights, and valuable static knowledge is often siloed in separate systems, causing process bottlenecks and an inability to scale. Beyond Limits’ Hybrid AI Platform is the key to unlock this untapped AI value in the enterprise. With the Platform, businesses can harness the power of their unstructured data, enhancing customer experiences, refining products, and optimizing strategies. This transformative approach turns unstructured data into a structured, navigable asset, enabling businesses to drive efficiency, innovation, and strategic advantage in a competitive landscape.”

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About Beyond Limits
Beyond Limits is an industrial-grade, Hybrid AI company that optimizes operations, boosts efficiency, and increases productivity for demanding industries including energy, advanced manufacturing, healthcare, and financial services.

Beyond traditional artificial intelligence, the company’s Hybrid AI Platform take a neuro-symbolic approach that uniquely combines human knowledge from domain experts with operational content to deliver solutions that reason, even with imperfect information. Trusted autonomy adapts to the degree humans need to be ‘in-the-loop’ for AI solutions to perform well in the real world to affirm trust in software-driven decisions, manage operational risk, and drive profitability.

Founded in 2014, Beyond Limits leverages a significant investment portfolio of advanced technology developed at Caltech’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory for NASA space missions. The company has been honored on the Deloitte Technology Fast 500; Frost & Sullivan 2023 Best Practices Award for Global Enabling Technology Leadership; and by Database Trends and Applications as one of their Awesome Companies in AI 2023.

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