Beyond Limits is attending OTC 2019 on May 6-9 in Houston, Texas.


The Offshore Technology Conference is the world’s premier offshore resources event where the global energy sector gathers to discover innovative, cutting-edge technologies and exchange ideas that advance scientific and technical knowledge regarding offshore resources and environmental matters.


Beyond Limits is going to be one of the only artificial intelligence companies on the show floor showcasing how our advanced AI solutions can transform your business.

  • When operators implement Beyond Limits advanced cognitive AI solutions there is increased potential to produce thousands of more barrels per day.
  • AI solutions will change the way operators locate wells and develop reservoirs, produce and refine crude oil, and market and supply refined products.
  • Artificial intelligence improves the speed and quality of decision-making and manages operational risks, as well as better harnessing and sharing valuable human expertise across operator teams.


McKinsey benchmarks reveal that the typical offshore platform runs at approximately 77 percent of maximum production potential. Industry-wide, this shortfall represents something in the order of 10 million barrels per day, or US$200 billion in annual revenue.


Beyond Limits AI solutions such as Well MD, our cognitive well health advisor, are designed to increase operator production by thousands of barrels per day.
Large-scale operators can apply the cognitive well health advisor solution to their deepwater wells in order to increase offshore production by:

  • Predicting sanding events weeks in advance to prevent unplanned downtime.
  • Codifying specialized expert knowledge to harness their skills into a system accessible by anyone, anywhere, at any time.
  • Ranking zones within a well based on the level of sanding risk


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