17 October 2019
Glendale, CA


AI Pioneer Partners with Phi Science Institute to Host Artificial Intelligence Summit in Jordan

Beyond Limits, a pioneering American Artificial Intelligence software engineering company, is working in cooperation with Phi Science Institute to present the 2019 Arab Artificial Intelligence Summit (AAIS). Sponsors are prepared to host over 1,600 AI professionals, scientists, government representatives, start-ups, and stakeholders from all over the world between October 29-30 on the Dead Sea in Jordan.

AAIS Theme: The Future is Now – Share the Vision. Inspire the Future.
Beyond Limits’ CEO, AJ Abdallat is returning to his hometown for this event to give the keynote speech. A leading goal is to share the vision and inspire the future around the important role Cognitive AI will play in evolving technology. The conference will afford the chance for companies like Beyond Limits to come together with the AAIS community to exchange ideas, expertise and knowledge, with the goal of encouraging younger generations to establish projects powered by AI to solve complex problems facing both science and society.

“It’s important to spread the message that AI is here now,” says Abdallat. “We are on a mission to bring science and tech proven in space down to improve life here on Earth. The Middle East is fertile ground for innovation, and we are really excited that AAIS will afford us the invaluable opportunity of coming together in collaboration with diverse nations, businesses, young entrepreneurs, and more to share our vision and inspire the future through partnership, mentorship, progress, growth, opportunity and ambition. We are honored to be included in such a distinguished summit – working together toward accomplishing common goals that matter.”

Key Executives Presenting
Abdallat, alongside Beyond Limits’ COO, Dr. Meghan Sharp will both act as keynote speakers. Abdallat will be presenting on the importance of AI, why it matters, and how it affects governments and private companies. Sharp will be presenting on how AI will play a crucial role in the future of energy, renewables, and sustainability. Beyond Limits’ Technical Head of Industrial IoT, Dr. Kristin Lennox will also be providing a talk about how machines think compared to humans. Another notable keynote guest includes Dr. Saad Al Barrak, a Beyond Limits board member, who will be speaking on the topic of innovation and entrepreneurship – how to get funding and support young entrepreneurs. Lynnwood Farr, President of industrial power systems developer Xcell, will also attend the summit and speak on their partnership with Beyond Limits to build the world’s first power plant guided by Cognitive AI.

AAIC: Solving World Challenges
Beyond Limits and Phi Science Institute have also come together to collaborate on the launch of the summit’s first Arab AI Challenge. AAIC’19 will open the door for AI start-ups and developers to gain visibility by showcasing their cutting-edge solutions while connecting with key regional governments and investors. Challenge participants will also be competing for the chance to earn prize winnings to put toward their projects. All details concerning AAIC’19 can be found here.

Beyond Conventional Artificial Intelligence – Cognitive AI That’s also Explainable (XAI)
Beyond Limits powers solutions that go beyond the barriers of commonly employed conventional AI, to deliver a hybrid approach that combines numeric machine learning and deep learning techniques with higher-order symbolic AI. These Cognitive AI engines deliver human-like reasoning to provide clear, understandable solutions to complex problems. Unlike most “black box” AI techniques, Beyond Limits has pioneered “glass box” Explainable AI with encoded expert human knowledge to yield recommendations that can be understood by people and interpreted by machines.

Beyond Limits is a full-stack Artificial Intelligence engineering company creating advanced software solutions that go beyond conventional AI. Founded in 2014, Beyond Limits is transforming proven technologies from Caltech and NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory into advanced AI solutions, hardened to industrial strength, and put to work for forward-looking companies on earth. Beyond Limits leverages this unparalleled innovation portfolio, along with proprietary cognitive technologies, to help companies solve tough, complex, mission-critical problems and transform their business. They apply a unique hybrid approach to AI, combining numeric AI techniques like machine learning with higher order symbolic AI and expert human knowledge to deliver intuitive cognitive reasoning and information. The result is faster, better decisions that reduce risk and increase revenue. For more information, please visit www.beyond.ai.

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SOURCE: Beyond Limits