19 May 2020
Glendale, CA


2019 Technology Innovation Leadership Award: Breakthrough Symbolic Artificial Intelligence for Business Process Automation


Beyond Limits Addresses the Complex Needs of High-value Industries by Delivering Advanced AI Solutions to Support Decision-making


Optimizing operations is important for most businesses, but in complex, engineering-focused production environments — like energy and power — it is imperative. Enabling machines to emulate human intelligence and intuition, Beyond Limits has demonstrated advanced technological innovation excellence with its Cognitive AI and earned Frost & Sullivan’s 2019 Technology Innovation Leadership Award. This award recognizes companies that have developed a product with innovative features and functionality that is gaining rapid acceptance in the market. The award recognizes the quality of the solution and the customer value enhancements it enables.


Frost & Sullivan believes that Beyond Limits’ Cognitive AI is the future of artificial intelligence; the technology utilizes a unique hybrid approach that combines the best of conventional machine learning and numeric AI, alongside advanced symbolic AI techniques, to deliver reasoning and recommendations that reflect human intelligence and intuition. The company’s cognitive reasoning engines are trained on data and educated by expert knowledge to solve complex problems and deliver actionable information—resulting in faster, better decisions that reduce risk, decrease waste, and increase efficiency.


This next generation of AI applications involves high-value assets that require a human-like understanding of complex domains, and that can adapt to uncertainty in both their knowledge and data. Beyond Limits considers the hybrid approach — combining numeric machine learning technologies and symbolic reasoners to accomplish cognitive intelligence — the stepping-stone to Artificial General Intelligence (AGI)/Super AI, which they have sights on achieving in the next decade.


Beyond Limits works with highly regulated, high-risk/high-value industries such as energy, finance, and healthcare, where machines are often making high-stakes decisions constantly. Managers often cannot take these decisions at face value, with no understanding of its reasoning. With Beyond Limits’ solutions practicing Explainable AI (XAI), humans are always in the loop.


More often than not, conventional AI techniques require clean data to formulate answers in a black box, with no clear explanation of the reasoning behind their recommendations. Beyond Limits’ cognitive agents deliver transparent audit trails, designed to be clearly understood by humans, thus building essential trust in the technology. On the symbolic side: human knowledge, expertise, and experience are codified so the Cognitive AI system can reason (even with missing or misleading data) to most effectively simulate human decision-makers.


Advancements in AI technology are being made each year, and the opportunity is substantial. Innovative technology companies and the industries they help run are driving new efficiency solutions, workflows, business models, and — in evolving use cases, like finance — consumer experiences. According to PwC’s “Sizing the Prize” Global Artificial Intelligence Study, the global AI marketplace could contribute up to $15.7 trillion to the global economy in 2030. Another perspective on the upside for AI is from ARK Invest, which projects that deep learning alone could create more economic value than the Internet. Since 2012, deep learning has created $1 trillion in market capitalization, and ARK believes it will add $30 trillion by 2037.


Beyond Limits is focused on developing strategic applications for high-value assets, in situations where even slightly improving process margins can yield millions of dollars in savings. The company’s Cognitive AI, optimization, and results-oriented solutions can be applied to a variety of industries. They can be customized for the highly complex needs of specific use cases, and they have made great strides in heavy production environments thus far. Surpassing simple predictive maintenance, Beyond Limits technology understands the entire system of production operations as a linked whole and enables continuous operations with greater efficiency.