19 November 2020
Los Angeles, CA
“I think climate change is a very important issue facing us and facing the next generations. I think we need to do everything in our power to address that problem.”
-AJ Abdallat, CEO & Founder, Beyond Limits
In a recent article for Forbes Tech Council, AJ Abdallat, Beyond Limits CEO discusses how AI is believed to be the most advanced technology available to humans that can play a principal role in addressing one of our world’s most important issues; transitioning to a low-carbon future.
The numerous transformative capabilities of artificial intelligence are being realized in various industries across the globe. Advanced solutions, like Cognitive AI, are already providing the energy and industrial IoT sectors with holistic insights across their entire organization, down to the smallest details.
Through this unparalleled clarity, critical and complex industries are better able to more readily identify the most ideal methods for optimizing processes at every level and discover alternative practices that can reduce costs, decrease waste, generate more efficient operations, and yield a more climate-friendly outlook as a result.
Watch our latest Beyond The Buzz video to hear why it’s critical to progress artificial intelligence in transitioning to a low-carbon future. At Beyond Limits, we aim to pioneer AI that is intentional and contributory. Beyond Limits stands by solutions that will fight for our world and its future generations.


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