30 July 2020
Los Angeles, CA


Can AI be trusted? Not unlike human to human relationships, human trust in AI solutions must also be earned over time. One way we gain trust is a direct result of something, or someone, behaving in a manner that’s expected or familiar and thus comforting. However, much like humans, AI systems can also make similar mistakes that stem either from limitations in training or unknown ingrained biases.

As artificial intelligence continues to progress, we must also correspondingly advance the measures put in place that address responsibility and transparency. Beyond Limits’ transparent AI solutions are always auditable, providing clear insights into their decision-making process and exactly how they arrive at their recommendations. Explainability is the answer to responsible AI that ensures humans are always in the loop. Beyond Limits provides users with a straightforward solution they can understand, leading to AI that’s both trusted and valued.

In our latest installment of Beyond the Buzz, our CEO & Founder – AJ Abdallat explores our responsibility to ensure humans have access to AI they can trust.



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