“Beyond Conventional AI” company hosts diverse class of summer interns to cultivate the next generation of leaders in artificial intelligence

Beyond Limits, a leading developer of advanced artificial intelligence (AI) solutions, announced the launch of “Beyonders”, their new internship program for the next generation of cognitive artificial intelligence leaders. The company’s reputation for innovation and explosive growth has made it a top destination for some of the sharpest minds in AI. Beyonders brings together motivated data science, computer science and business students from top universities.
After a rigorous recruitment process, Beyond Limits selected 19 highly qualified students to form the inaugural Beyonders class. The program’s mission is to accelerate the development of new leaders in cognitive AI. Beyonders dive deep into a two-month immersive program that gives them the unique opportunity to work directly with the only AI company with software technology developed for space missions. The comprehensive program covers a focused range of work including AI, robotics, and business strategy plus community-related activities such as a clean-up of the Los Angeles river.

“Beyond Limits is a pioneering AI company. It’s part of our DNA to do things that have never been done before,” says Mario Portugal, Head of Recruitment at Beyond Limits. “It makes perfect sense for us to give qualified students a valuable opportunity to gain insight, knowledge, and experience. Beyonders are the next generation of AI pioneers.”
Launched in 2014, Beyond Limits produces cognitive AI systems with human-like reasoning available for the first time to transform the performance of industrial and enterprise operations and systems. The company leverages advanced technologies developed at Caltech’s famed Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) for the NASA space program, as well as breakthrough technology innovations originated by Beyond Limits scientists and engineers.

Beyond Limits is the only AI company in the world with advanced technology proven in extreme environments from space missions to subsurface oil and gas exploration. Today, Beyond Limits goes beyond conventional AI, applying cognitive AI software inventions to solve complex industrial and enterprise problems, bringing cognitive advantages to energy, fintech, healthcare and logistics.
Beyond Limits was selected as a Silver Stevie® Award Winner in the 2018 American Business Awards®, a winner for the Tech Trailblazers Award in the category of artificial intelligence, and has been covered in the Wall Street Journal, Financial Times, Forbes, Fortune, Entrepreneur, ZDNet and the International Business Times.