24 November 2020
Los Angeles, CA


Data Den is a thought-leadership alcove within the world of Beyond Limits where we provide an opportunity to dive into the minds of our gifted data scientists to get a better understanding of their domain. Keep reading to catch a glimpse of their essential expertise; without it, artificial intelligence wouldn’t be possible.
What is data science?
Most fundamentally, it is the study of data. But what it’s really all about is making data useful. There are so many different paths you can take in data science; it is such a broad field. In essence, it boils down to having the ability to understand a problem or challenge as a whole and figuring out how data fits into that problem or even contributes to the problem. Once you determine that information then you can clean up the data, turn it into insights, and use those insights to address the challenge at hand.
What are some important “best-practices” in data science?
+ Maintain perspective and continue to focus on the big picture – the problem statement. It’s easy to get bogged down in the details; keep sight of the big picture and problem statement then turn your data into something useful.
+ Come up with a research methodology to address the problem – how are you going to get an answer/solution?
+ Be ready to communicate your results – communication is a key skill in data science. How will you discuss your findings with both technical and non-technical audiences? Again, it’s crucial to contextualize results in the big scheme of things and be able to communicate that to stakeholders.
From the perspective of a Data Scientist – what is the difference between data science & software engineering?
Generally, I’d say data scientists are more research-oriented, given they are the part of the equation more focused on sifting through the data and deriving what we can turn it into. Software engineers are more in-tune with the building side and making a scalable solution; they know what architectures and systems are required for the software to work correctly. Of course, there are several data scientists with software engineering backgrounds and vice versa. So, there is often some overlap between the two disciplines as well.
How close do data scientists and software engineers work together on projects?
It depends on the project. Though, data scientists and software engineers generally work very closely together at Beyond Limits. It’s important for the two fields to be super collaborative; going through the problem together to make a solution that really works, particularly for advanced artificial intelligence solutions like those we create at Beyond Limits because they are designed to solve such multifaceted problems. Having that complementary teamwork is such a great motivator; you always feel like a dynamic expert will be right there to offer input and help figure out a complex problem when it’s needed the most.
What do you think makes a good data scientist? Are there any data scientists that inspire you?
A lot of things go into the making of a great data scientist; they are very skilled people. The experts who stand out are the ones who also have great communication skills. Data scientists who know their specific subsets really well and can also communicate that to other people are truly invaluable. It’s so beneficial to be able to communicate your knowledge and findings to individuals both within your field and project stakeholders outside of your field.
That’s one of the things I most admire about statistician Cassie Kozyrkov, the Chief Decision Scientist at Google. She is a great communicator who creates a lot of really helpful blog and video content. She’s so good at making data science topics more accessible with a ton of easy-to-understand analogies. I also really appreciate her ability to explain topics in detail while maintaining insight into the big picture.
Can you talk about a project you recently worked on? As a data scientist, what did you enjoy? What was challenging?
I recently enjoyed working on a constraint management problem for refineries because it combined my data science experience with my background in chemical engineering.
What’s interesting about this project is that a refinery – or any process manufacturing scenario – is so complex with many different moving parts and unique problems. Every situation is very distinctive with numerous types of challenges and it took a lot of conversations with the client to figure out how to go about solving them. While I did enjoy this aspect – it is, of course, also the challenging part. Sometimes the problems you initially went out to address weren’t even the problems that actually need to be prioritized at all. Peeling apart the issue and figuring out the underlying factors is the most fun because that’s where you discover the true value of your work and how it’s helping.
Any advice for data science students, new grads just getting into the job market, or other professionals thinking of transitioning from their current field into data science?
I don’t come from a data science background. I transitioned from a chemical engineering focus and didn’t even know what data science was until I was about a year into my master’s degree when I took a traineeship. That is when I started to realize that I should consider moving into the field. My advice for transitioning from an “outside” industry into the realm of data science would be to start with a project that you’re passionate about – something that’s already in your wheelhouse. This will connect you to exactly how powerful data science really is. You can take your distinctive expertise and deepen that knowledge even further with data science methods.
Favorite publications, websites, blogs, conferences, or books you read/attend that are helpful to your work?
My favorites are probably very similar to a lot of other data scientists. I find Towards Data Science a good resource to feed your curiosity with articles that are useful as jumping-off points. I really like quick, short articles to get some exposure to a variety of topics without a huge time investment, and if I’m interested to learn more, I’ll go explore the subject more in-depth.
Any myths/falsehoods/misunderstandings about data science you want to debunk?
Yes… there are many. But one that I want to address is that data science isn’t all about deep learning and cool tools. While the cool tools and models are definitely part of it, the field is more about processes, understanding data, and research methodology. It seems that a lot of people think they’re going to just do machine learning and have all this access to perfectly clean data. It isn’t as simple as just gathering pristine data, running it through machine learning or deep learning models, then getting quick results and deploying solutions. A lot of data science is more about looking through a problem from a research perspective; going all the way from a problem statement to insights and solutions, with many iterations on that process.
Prior to joining Beyond Limits as a Data Scientist, Nicole Thompson was a graduate student at the University of Washington where she synthesized nanocrystals for bioimaging before her thesis work developing a platform for the analysis and classification of battery cycling data. As part of her data science training at the University of Washington, Nicole successfully developed a package to detect sensor drift in chiller plants.
Nicole is a Montana native and spent time in Cleveland, Ohio where she earned her Bachelor’s in chemical engineering from Case Western Reserve University. Nicole earned her Master’s degree from the University of Washington in chemical engineering with a focus in data science.
19 November 2020
Los Angeles, CA
“I think climate change is a very important issue facing us and facing the next generations. I think we need to do everything in our power to address that problem.”
-AJ Abdallat, CEO & Founder, Beyond Limits
In a recent article for Forbes Tech Council, AJ Abdallat, Beyond Limits CEO discusses how AI is believed to be the most advanced technology available to humans that can play a principal role in addressing one of our world’s most important issues; transitioning to a low-carbon future.
The numerous transformative capabilities of artificial intelligence are being realized in various industries across the globe. Advanced solutions, like Cognitive AI, are already providing the energy and industrial IoT sectors with holistic insights across their entire organization, down to the smallest details.
Through this unparalleled clarity, critical and complex industries are better able to more readily identify the most ideal methods for optimizing processes at every level and discover alternative practices that can reduce costs, decrease waste, generate more efficient operations, and yield a more climate-friendly outlook as a result.
Watch our latest Beyond The Buzz video to hear why it’s critical to progress artificial intelligence in transitioning to a low-carbon future. At Beyond Limits, we aim to pioneer AI that is intentional and contributory. Beyond Limits stands by solutions that will fight for our world and its future generations.


Learn more about the work Beyond Limits’ Cognitive AI is doing in the Energy industry here



22 October 2020
Los Angeles, CA


State-of-the-art technology is making its mark on every part of the modern economy, and the energy industry is no exception. Energy companies have traditionally been dependent on side-by-side working environments to manage large-scale operations, but all of this has changed with the COVID-19 pandemic. Today’s circumstances have made it even more challenging for senior-level engineers to provide their expert guidance to junior-level engineers when working onsite. It’s important that advanced technologies like Cognitive AI play a crucial role in supporting the industry to best adapt during this transitional period.

In this video, Data Scientist Dr. Michael Krause outlines how to overcome the most common challenges when adopting AI. Dr. Krause also provides insights into how traditional onsite operations have had to adjust amid COVID-19 and the role AI is playing to help solve this challenge. Watch the video below to learn how. 



Learn more about AI in the Energy Industry here.


Beyond Limits developed the Beyonders internship program in 2018, an immersive experience for undergraduate and graduate students that seeks to help them discover their beyond. The success and value of this program are undeniable, with consistent year-over-year class growth. However, as the coronavirus pandemic heightened near the start of the internship, we were left wondering how the program would evolve and survive in a very different working world.
As many employers were caught off guard during the onset of the pandemic, Beyond Limits also faced new challenges as stay-at-home mandates took effect throughout California. Navigating a virtual internship was something Beyond Limits hadn’t necessarily considered before. It was difficult to imagine how we could replicate the various facets of our in-office culture in this new normal. While it was stressful for the weeks and days leading up to the program’s start, we couldn’t have been more thrilled with the results. 
Leading Up to the Internship
Prior to our new stay-at-home reality, the Beyond Limits Recruiting team worked diligently on hiring interns for a variety of positions in Software Engineering, Data Science, Product Strategy, and other departments. We also took this opportunity to expand the reach and scope of the program by recruiting international interns that would spend the summer in Los Angeles during the 10-week program. However, as COVID-19 swept the nation in March, we were unsure of what exactly to do with that portion of the program. We felt a responsibility to let our potential interns know there was a possibility that we would be unable to host them for the summer.
Simultaneously, countless undergraduate and graduate students across the nation had their internship offers rescinded by many corporations. Internship opportunities were decreasing, blocking young professionals from having the hands-on experience of developing and refining their skills for future careers. Beyond Limits leadership felt a responsibility to provide opportunities for future professionals to experience working on real projects and delivering results. To our core, Beyond Limits thrives off the diverse perspectives of our employees, including the fresh ideas of interns.
Once the rest of our Beyond Limits team adjusted to working remotely and understood that this would be the new normal for a long time, we started discussing how we could continue with the Beyonders program this year. It was less a matter of if we could implement a successful virtual internship and more about figuring out how we could demonstrate Beyond Limits’ inherently fun and collaborative environment to our interns. Once we had a plan set in motion, we then proceeded with recruitment efforts and locked in 19 summer interns for the 2020 program. 
How We Adapted
In moving forward with a virtual internship, we wanted to make the program as similar to an in-person experience as we possibly could. We did this with a range of new and reoccurring, initiatives to make the Beyonders feel like they were genuinely a part of the company. 
Every year we pair interns with executive and employee mentors who guide the Beyonders through their projects, their work within the program itself, and their professional journeys. This initiative helped contribute to the development of our Beyonders and allowed them to interact with many members of the Beyond Limits team. Additionally, we added “Welcome Buddies” this year to enhance the onboarding experience and mitigate any unforeseen issues that may arise in the virtual setting. We paired interns with various employees whom the Beyonders could turn to and ask any questions they may not feel comfortable asking a manager or mentor. Both of these experiences provided interns with opportunities to interact with different company professionals, both inside and outside of his or her assigned department.
Professional development sits at the core of Beyond Limits’ values, and we felt it was imperative to continue nurturing that principle with our Beyonders via a variety of virtual events. We wanted to provide the opportunity for Beyonders to interact with several executives in the company that could share their distinguished career experiences, alongside their advice for best practices in the field as well. We hosted Lunch & Learn sessions, where various C-level executives spoke candidly to the Beyonders about their own professional backgrounds and training. Learning & Development meetings were also leveraged to help the Beyonders adapt to the virtual work environment with practical information, such as how to best handle presentations on Zoom. 
We also launched “Game Lunch” where all Beyond Limits employees could come together once a week to interact and play different games, like trivia. A time filled with countless laughs, Beyonders experienced the energetic and dynamic culture that we enjoy within our in-office environment. The Recruiting team recognized that it was important for the interns to also connect with one another, as a class of Beyonders that were going through similar experiences and may need a sounding board for their ideas. For this reason, we created “Couch Time,” where our Beyonders also had the opportunity to connect once a week. This initiative replicated a popular in-office intern experience where Beyonders would gather at the Kiva and share their experiences from the week.
What We Accomplished
Although many organizations were forced to cancel their internship programs, Beyond Limits felt that it was more important than ever to offer students an experience that would help them further develop their skills during this critical time, albeit in a virtual setting. In fact, we ended up taking this opportunity to expand the program internationally, bringing on an internship cohort that consists of a diverse group of students from various schools all over the world. Not only did we seamlessly convert the entire program into a virtual setting, but our Beyonders were able to accomplish a great deal over the course of their experience. From preparing solutions that optimize our products to migrating data in our new accounting software. We couldn’t be more proud of the success of our Beyonders 2020 virtual internship.
3 September 2020
Los Angeles, CA
Authors: Samira Modaressi & Taffy Shih


On theme with the rest of 2020, our Beyonders internship program this summer was different, to say the least. However, one thing that didn’t change was the drive and determination of our interns. We brought on 19 stellar Beyonders in various positions who helped support and drive innovation for the company.

Take a look at the highlights of the 2020 Beyonders internship program:



27 August 2020
Los Angeles, CA


AI has the potential to transform how our education system operates while creating more support for teachers and students of all backgrounds.

Among its many benefits, AI can even be utilized to help educators foster a more inclusive environment. AI-based language translation, for example, may enable more students with diverse backgrounds to feel more comfortable participating in class and increase opportunities for closer listening during important lectures.

Schools can even use AI to offer a truly personalized learning experience, overcoming one of the biggest limitations of our current, one-to-many education model.

The benefits of implementing AI in education are limitless. At Beyond Limits, we aim to develop AI that is both accessible and beneficial for our future generations. Watch the video below to see how: 





26 August 2020
Glendale, CA
The Future of AI in Energy: How Cognitive AI Delivers More Value from Complex Assets
Recent challenges have impacted the Energy industry, revealing costly operational inefficiencies. Operators are quickly realizing an immediate need to optimize operations and get the most out of their assets in order to maintain a competitive edge. Advanced AI & digitization strategies provide opportunities for operators to be better positioned for the future by capturing full margins and increasing production from existing assets.
In this webinar our experts will show you:

+ How AI is being applied today in Energy to increase operational efficiency and reduce operating costs.

+ What exactly Cognitive AI is and how it reduces the loss of institutional knowledge due to attrition.

+ Crucial insights into how AI strategies can both help during these unprecedented times and ultimately deliver more value to the bottom line.


Interested? Watch our webinar below to get started: 

13 August 2020
Los Angeles, CA


There are currently over 1 billion people living with no access to energy, while an additional 2 billion remain without access to clean energy.

In some areas of the world, the Energy industry is decades behind when it comes to grid electricity or access to cleaner resources.

One of the most significant barriers to energy access is the steep upfront cost for low-income populations, limiting the potential for vital strides in economic growth. Many countries also face the challenge of intermittent grid connectivity because the demand for energy often exceeds the capacity of existing power generation sources.

While these challenges do make the distribution of clean and reliable energy in rural areas difficult, Beyond Limits is confident that Cognitive AI technology will help us make headway in accelerating global access to energy.



Learn more about AI for Power & Natural Resources. 



Updated: 28 August 2020
Los Angeles, CA


This year, Beyond Limits’ internship program has been unique, to say the least. While the pandemic certainly created some logistical and proximity challenges, we pressed on with the 2020 Beyonders Internship program regardless. We had an irresistible opportunity to bring on a bright and diverse group of both undergraduate and graduate students from across the world, contributing to a variety of roles and departments within Beyond Limits.

Over the course of this internship program, our Beyonders have made valuable progress on their projects, and we wanted to highlight their experiences and skill-sets.

Introducing the Beyonders 2020 Spotlight Series: 


Name: Lasse Nordahl

School: University of California, Irvine

Degree/Major: Computer Science

Position: Software Engineering Intern 

Why did you choose to spend your summer interning at Beyond Limits?

I interned at Beyond Limits last summer, and some of my favorite memories were building cool software and goofing around with other interns. I felt that the memories I made at Beyond Limits are some of the best. Even a year after my Beyond Limits experience, I’m still in contact with fellow interns, and I’ll never forget some of the moments we had just sitting in the Kiva. Even though this year is remote, we’re still interacting in the same ways, only now the Kiva is our Zoom calls. 

How would you describe your internship experience?

I’d describe the internship as fast-paced, especially since the project I am working on is still in the relatively early engineering stages. Getting to work on a new project was my favorite experience from this summer. I feel it’s a unique and enticing goal to build and work on something that can pivot quickly or handle unknown requirements. It’s been an amazing experience to contribute to something so new. A lot of ground-up structuring and architecture were developed over the course of my internship. It’s been fun to see tickets get completed and eventually deployed to cloud services end to end. Overall, this has been a very positive experience since first joining the onboarding Zoom call in early June.

How has this experience shaped or impacted your career goals? What was the most beneficial experience for you?

Getting to work on projects closer to Data Science had a tremendous impact on where I want to go with my career. I realized that there is a lot more interdisciplinary work than I previously thought existed. In the future, I’d like to work on both the Data Science and Software Engineering sides simultaneously. Going to requirements meetings and hearing the end to end goals of the project on a smaller team helped contribute a lot to that excitement.



Name: Samira Modaressi

School: University of Southern California

Degree/Major: Master of Business Administration

Position: Digital Marketing Graduate Intern

Tell us about a project you are working on during your internship?

This summer, I have had the opportunity to collaborate with the entire Marketing department, aiding all of their efforts on various projects. My primary assignment has been managing our social media accounts. On a daily basis, I audit the social communities for AI, tech, energy, and more to generate social posts that drive awareness. Additionally, I handle community engagement and management to drive user engagement and brand credibility.

What were your thoughts surrounding COVID-19 and the Internship program?

Thinking back to April and May, there were so many unknowns. I was nervous I would not have the opportunity to participate in a summer internship, a staple part of the MBA experience. While some of the largest companies were rescinding their internship offers, I was wary when Beyond Limits assured me that the internship would be moving forward with a remote program. To my surprise, not only did the program happen, but it’s been more than I could even expect. While I am sure this is a different experience than I would have had in an office setting, the Beyond Limits team has done a fantastic job making me feel like an included contributor to the company.

What is the most exciting or unexpected thing you have experienced at Beyond Limits?

It’s remarkable how many employees across the organization care about getting to know the interns and imparting their knowledge. From our CEO to the newest member of the Software Engineering team, a lot of amazing and brilliant people have made the time to speak with me. In fact, each Beyonder was paired with a mentor within the company, and mine has been our COO! This is a true testament to how valued the Beyonders program is from the very top.


Posted: 24 August 2020


Name: Michael Hintlian         

School: University of Southern California

Degree/Major: PhD Industrial and Systems Engineering

Position: Data Science Intern

How have you been able to apply some of your learning from school to your internship?

In school, I work on building models to help understand the best treatment or intervention to give a patient that might have cancer. I am constantly using statistical and machine learning tools to gather insights about the way the world works by using data. At Beyond Limits, I have been encouraged to use the same approach. 

What is the most exciting or unexpected thing you have experienced at Beyond Limits?

At the risk of sounding cliché, it is the people.  Everyone is brilliant, engaged in their work and the work of others, and eager to help. It makes it a great environment to learn and grow as an employee.

How has this experience shaped or impacted your career goals? What was the most beneficial experience for you?

I have had the opportunity to take the lead on several projects and work with others to improve their projects. My team has also been very flexible with the type of projects I have been assigned. They’ve allowed me to work on projects that interest me and have actively sought out projects that they thought might intrigue me and brought them to my attention.

What advice do you have for other students considering an internship with Beyond Limits?




Name: Cole Christie

School: University of Southern California

Degree/Major: Master of Business Administration

Position: MBA Product Strategy Intern 

How would you describe your internship experience?

My internship experience has been great. I enjoy the people I am working with and am learning a lot. For my project, I am helping Beyond Limits assess current market opportunities. My co-intern (Rebecca) and I have learned a lot about product-market identification and how to use data to tell stories. Together we have come up with recommended use cases for the Beyond Limits approach and will have the opportunity to share those with the leadership team.

How have you been able to apply some of your learnings from school to your internship?

A running joke in business school is that you will learn more frameworks than you will be able to use, but this position is giving that joke a run for its money. This internship is structured in a way that utilizes those exact skills we build in school and has been a great way to engage with the material I have been learning. There has not been a day during this internship that I haven’t thought back to one of my strategy courses.

Why did you choose to spend your summer interning at Beyond Limits?

There are two reasons. 1- AI is something I am really interested in and wanted to learn more about. 2- I wanted to take the summer to develop some of the skills I have picked up in my MBA. This has been a perfect fit.

What advice do you have for other students considering an internship with Beyond Limits?

Spend some time in two areas. First, refine the value that this internship will bring. What value will you bring to Beyond Limits and what value does spending the summer with Beyond Limits bring to you? Be really clear about that and many other pieces will fall into place. The second piece is to do your homework and research ahead of time. Reach out to previous interns, read the company news, and be proactive about all of that. If you have done this, you will greatly improve your chances of being a part of this team.


Posted: 19 August 2020


Name: Yong Do Kim  

School: Stanford University

Degree/Major: Ph.D./Energy Resources Engineering

Position: Data Science Intern

Tell us about a project you are working on during your internship?

My internship project has provided me the opportunity to get exposed to the areas that I was not familiar with before and to apply recent technologies in deep learning. This summer, I have been preparing a solution to optimize industrial applications, specifically with the stochastic seismic inversion process. 

What were your thoughts surrounding COVID-19 and the internship program?

I appreciate that the Beyond Limits leadership team decided to have a virtual internship program when a lot of companies are actively rescinding offers due to COVID-19. I can see that Beyond Limits put tremendous effort into making this virtual internship successful by hosting many different types of virtual meetings for Beyonders.

Why did you choose to spend your summer interning at Beyond Limits?

 A big draw for me is that Beyond Limits is well known for symbolic AI. Also, Beyond Limits is expanding its project scope. It is exciting to see that the company is continually growing in terms of project scope, revenue, and size. Those factors provide me with the confidence that Beyond Limits has an ideal environment for me. I knew that I would be trained to be a competitive data scientist, and I could use my knowledge and skills to tackle challenging projects. 



Name: Kruthi Annigeri

School: University of Southern California

Degree/Major: B.S./M.S. Chemical Engineering

Position: Chemical Engineer Intern

How would you describe your internship experience?

Thus far, my primary project has been developing a predictive viscosity model that can closely approximate lubricant mixtures’ properties, such as kinematic and dynamic viscosity. I have enjoyed using my chemical engineering background to contribute to Beyond Limits’ cognitive formulation solution, as I hadn’t previously thought about artificial intelligence as an application for chemical engineering. While I have worked in an agile development setting before, I am new to working on the product side and have enjoyed learning about technology through that lens.

What is the most exciting or unexpected thing you have experienced at Beyond Limits?

I remember having friends and mentors tell me that working at a startup would be fast-paced and multifarious, but I only fully understood that when I began this internship. I have had the opportunity to step out of my chemical engineering background many times, and the work I am doing feels extremely important every day.

Even just among the interns, I have learned many new things about technology and software, and I have been able to share some of my on-campus research and knowledge about chemical engineering as well. Every person I encounter at this company has a wealth of knowledge that overlaps very little with my own. While my assigned mentor at Beyond Limits is an HR Business Partner, my manager has a computational mechanics/engineering background. It’s a stimulating environment that challenges me to think in new ways, more than I ever thought possible.

 How has this experience shaped or impacted your career goals?

Coming from a family of Software Engineers and having decided in high school that I did not want to pursue a career in software development, I have spent a good amount of college shying away from opportunities that scream “tech” while immersing myself more in physical science and laboratory research. However, at Beyond Limits, I have realized that data science, as a nascent and burgeoning field, is a subject I’m finding myself more drawn towards. I am already working toward earning my Master’s in Chemical Engineering, but if my program allows, I want to pursue more data science-related courses as well. Beyond Limits is a company with a unique environment; it’s a startup with projects that present a particular intersection of my chemical engineering background with Cognitive AI. This alone has made me want to work on more interdisciplinary projects.


Posted: 17 August 2020


Name: Tori Spiegel

School: University of California, Irvine

Degree/Major: BS, Computer Science and Engineering

Position: Software Engineer Intern

What is the most exciting or unexpected thing you have experienced at Beyond Limits?

Aside from being exposed to new languages and toolkits, this internship has given me the invaluable experience of working with highly skilled technical professionals and improving my communication skills. One of the most exciting things has been how much Beyond Limits cares about its interns. I have enjoyed our Lunch & Learns, which have allowed us to meet and pose questions to C-level Executives.

I’ve enjoyed the sense of community I’ve felt at Beyond Limits and my time here has shown me that I don’t want to just be another wheel in the cog at a big corporation. The most beneficial experience has been talking to my mentors about their past experiences and the lessons they’ve learned.

What were your thoughts surrounding COVID-19 and the internship program?

Going into this remote internship, I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to make the same interpersonal connections that would typically come about in an office environment. While it is unfortunate that we could not meet in the office, I still feel like I have been given a lot of opportunities to get to know the other interns and professionals at Beyond Limits through technical speaker functions and other social events. One of my favorite activities is game lunch, which I look forward to every week.

Why did you choose to spend your summer interning at Beyond Limits?

In my interviews with my current manager and Recruitment, they both shared how Beyond Limits employees have a great sense of pride in their work and can switch between projects to learn about a new technology peaking their interests. What made me want to spend my summer at Beyond Limits was the passion they had when talking about their work and the company. I also admired the flexibility Beyond Limits permits its employees because it would allow for more growth and help me make the most out of my time.

What advice do you have for other students considering an internship with Beyond Limits?

This internship is full of opportunities, and you shouldn’t be afraid to make mistakes and turn them into lessons learned. You’re encouraged to ask questions whenever you have them. The mentors are patient, understanding, and reassure you that there is no such thing as a “stupid” question. This encouragement to ask questions ensures you’ll get up to speed on the project faster.



Name: Omar Al-Tamimi

School: German Jordanian University, Jordan

Degree/Major: BS, Mechatronics Engineering

Position: Data Science Intern

How has this experience shaped or impacted your career goals? What has been the most beneficial experience for you?

During my interviews, I had stated that I would like to work on more classical approaches to problems that didn’t revolve around Deep Learning since I already have much experience on that topic. Beyond Limits has given me an opportunity to work on a project that allows me to think outside of the Deep Learning box and more about alternative approaches to certain problems.

What is the most exciting or unexpected thing you have experienced at Beyond Limits?

After COVID-19 engulfed the world and started to spread quickly in the USA, I assumed that the internship program would be canceled, especially since I am from Jordan and would have to fly over, which was impossible due to the flight limitations. Suddenly I get a message stating that the internship was going remote, which came out of left field. It saddens me that I couldn’t meet with the other interns in person. It would have been exciting to visit the company’s office, to be enveloped within the full Beyond Limits experience. However, the HR team at Beyond Limits have been working hard (and succeeding) at providing us with a really good time during our internship.

What advice do you have for other students considering an internship with Beyond Limits?

Borrowing the words of Shia LaBeouf: “Just do it.” There will be no better experience than this. You will be able to gain a lot of experience, both in your own field and beyond, with tons of enjoyable moments alongside the rest of the Beyond Limits team.


Posted: 06 August 2020


Name: Ben Sorochuk

School: University of Washington

Degree/Major: BS, Chemical Engineering

Position: Process Engineer Intern

Why did you choose to spend your summer interning at Beyond Limits?

I’m fascinated by oil refining because of its complexity; you’ll never get bored. I specifically chose Beyond Limits because they play a unique, fascinating role in oil refining. I’m able to fulfill my interest in the refining industry while participating in the development of innovative AI solutions that can assist my fellow chemical engineers working in refineries.

How has this experience shaped or impacted your career goals?

This experience has reinforced my interest in oil refining. It’s a very complex industry – there’s always more to learn with new challenges that keep things exciting. The internship has been a time of challenge, growth, and adaptability. I’ve learned a lot about how refineries work and have grown as a problem solver. Additionally, the challenge of working remotely has helped me recognize my preference for working with people in a more socially interactive office setting.

How have you been able to apply some of your learning from school to your internship?

Knowing separation process fundamentals has been very beneficial, particularly for distillation. Oil refining demands comprehensive knowledge from many chemical engineering fundamentals, like heat transfer, thermodynamics, reactions, etc. Knowing these concepts is important for practicing good engineering judgment when optimizing a process or reacting to an issue.



Name: Natalie Salinas

School: California State University, Fullerton

Degree/Major: BA Business, Accounting Concentration

Position: Accounting Intern

Tell us about a project you are working on during your internship?

My internship here at Beyond Limits has been nothing short of an amazing learning experience. I’ve been taught so many new skills that will prove to be useful in my future career. One of my main projects during this internship has been to migrate data to our new accounting software. This has involved several processes, such as formatting data into specific journal entry templates to allow for a smooth import. Additionally, I created manual journal entries into this new system to record bank transactions from prior months and ensured balances of different accounts matched the old system’s to ensure everything was recorded accurately.

What has been the most beneficial experience for you?

In school, I’ve always enjoyed the logical, analytical, and generally detailed aspects of accounting; however, I’ve never had the opportunity to work with real data before in order to truly know that this is the right career path for me. This internship experience has only further solidified my plans for a future career in accounting.

What advice do you have for other students considering an internship with Beyond Limits?

I would say not to feel intimidated, just go for it. The size of the company has allowed for a close-knit culture where everyone is there for each other. Even as an intern, you feel like you truly are a contributing member of the team. I would recommend an internship at Beyond Limits to anyone who is considering the opportunity.



30 July 2020
Los Angeles, CA


Can AI be trusted? Not unlike human to human relationships, human trust in AI solutions must also be earned over time. One way we gain trust is a direct result of something, or someone, behaving in a manner that’s expected or familiar and thus comforting. However, much like humans, AI systems can also make similar mistakes that stem either from limitations in training or unknown ingrained biases.

As artificial intelligence continues to progress, we must also correspondingly advance the measures put in place that address responsibility and transparency. Beyond Limits’ transparent AI solutions are always auditable, providing clear insights into their decision-making process and exactly how they arrive at their recommendations. Explainability is the answer to responsible AI that ensures humans are always in the loop. Beyond Limits provides users with a straightforward solution they can understand, leading to AI that’s both trusted and valued.

In our latest installment of Beyond the Buzz, our CEO & Founder – AJ Abdallat explores our responsibility to ensure humans have access to AI they can trust.



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14 July 2020
Los Angeles, CA


Artificial Intelligence. A technology that numerous companies want to implement, yet they still haven’t taken the first step. Why is that?

AI is being praised for its amazing capacity to transform businesses. Yet, many are still hesitant to implement AI strategies due to varying challenges they’ll likely need to address before realizing the true potential of this technology.

Most of these challenges can be attributed to either a lack of understanding, little experience working with AI, fear of change, or even AI stereotypes we see depicted in Hollywood films. Collectively amongst people and businesses, Artificial Intelligence seems to garner both enthusiasm and skepticism.

In this Beyond The Buzz series installment, our CEO, AJ Abdallat discusses some of the centralized challenges that businesses face when implementing AI into their corporation.

Learn what these challenges are and how to overcome them so your business can advance by using Artificial Intelligence.



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25 June 2020
Glendale, CA
There are currently 700 programming languages. It’s no wonder there are numerous approaches to AI.
Many companies today have championed conventional AI approaches such as data analytics, machine learning, and deep learning. But we need to go further if we’re going to solve the world’s most complex problems.
In this Beyond The Buzz video, our CEO; AJ Abdallat, explains why Beyond Limits’ techniques are different from 99% of the conventional approaches used by many companies today. By leveraging cutting-edge AI advancements, we’re able to take that next leap forward to introduce cognitive (or “human-like”) reasoning.
Our Cognitive AI technology has the ability to understand real-world contexts. Even with insufficient or missing data, the system is able to learn and advise people, leading to more informed decision-making and improved performance for your business. Our approach to artificial intelligence not only leverages every layer in the AI stack, but amplifies the capabilities of people, empowering them to take meaningful actions using expert knowledge.


Learn more about our Cognitive AI technology here.