17 March 2020
Glendale, CA
Jordan Diggs, Beyond Limits Recruitment Manager


Job interviews aren’t generally associated with a simple stroll in the park, leisurely day activity. Contrarily, old familiar foes like stress, anxiety, and self-doubt suddenly sneak back into your psyche like the slippery adversaries they are. Here’s hoping a couple of tips from the Beyond Limits recruitment team can help you navigate the interview process with more confidence and finesse.


Research the Prospective Company

Dive into their website, look at Crunchbase, search relevant news, scan social media, and anything else you can think of to get the info needed to paint a picture of what the company is all about. This will accomplish two things:

+ You’ll feel better equipped when it comes to preparing for specific subject matters that may be inquired about during the interview process.

+ You’ll find key information that presents opportunities to ask more relevant questions, helping you better assess whether the position is an ideal fit.


Sharpen Up Those Interview Skills

You know the types of skills we are talking about here, but the most important soft skill for an interview comes down to communication. Concentrated practice around the way you express yourself can help boost your comfort level when it comes time to talk.

An important consideration includes the way you communicate your day-to-day working style and problem-solving skills. For example, here at Beyond Limits, we are a very team-based organization that finds value in a candidate who can clearly communicate solutions to their coworkers. The other side of that coin also finds value in an individual who can ask for help when necessary. Don’t be surprised to find that an interviewer may probe into your responses to determine how you communicate your thoughts.

Brush up on the position’s key fundamentals. It can be easy to fall back on those really impressive specialized capabilities, but each candidate’s expertise has multiple levels/layers that are worthy of a refresh. For example, a Software Engineering candidate may want to take another look at some of those Computer Science fundamentals from “back in the day,” no matter how inconsequential they may seem at this stage in their career.


Ask Your Recruiter Basic (Yet Relevant) Pre-Interview Questions

Make sure you get in all those pre-questions to set you up for the moment that official interview finally arrives. Don’t worry if the questions seem too obvious. Not sure? Just ask! Your confidence for the next stage will only grow with every extra ounce of clarity. Examples of some simple questions/considerations you may not have thought of, but will make a huge difference when the time comes, include:

+ If you have a phone interview planned, ask whether you’ll need to be online as well (i.e. Zoom, Skype, etc.), and for how long; it’s important to allow for enough time in your schedule so you don’t feel rushed.

+ If the next interview is onsite, ask about dress code and parking/building entry instructions. One of the main reasons candidates are late is because they get caught up trying to figure out exactly where to go or what to wear at the last minute.


An Interview Goes Both Ways

Ask all the questions. Great questions with intention will be remembered! Here are examples of some fantastic questions that stuck with us:

+ What does success in this role look like for the first 30, 60, 90, etc. days?

+ What do some of the company goals look like for this calendar year?

+ What attracted you (the interviewer) to Beyond Limits & what do you enjoy about working for the company?

Questions such as these show you are not simply “looking for your next job,” but that you are seeking to discover a long-term “fit” with a company that truly aligns with your values and personal/professional goals.


It May Seem “Old-School,” but Don’t Forget that Resume

True, a lot of companies (Beyond Limits included) have gone digital – but you might be surprised by how many companies still maintain that paper resume expectation. Think of the resume-prep project more as your opportunity to thoroughly research the company and ensure the skills you’re putting forward align with the position’s requirements.


Follow Up!

Every interview should follow up with a “thank you.” The subsequent correspondence is an effective way of driving home your interest level. It’s also the perfect opportunity to ask any questions that might have slipped your mind during the actual interview. There have even been instances for our recruiters where candidates further expanded on questions they weren’t able to answer as comprehensively as they wanted during the interview. Interviewers always appreciate (and remember) those kinds of gestures.


Best of luck job hunters!


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26 November 2019
Glendale, CA


For the 2019 Thanksgiving season Beyond Limits’ own Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) committee put their heads together to come up with a way in which our company could contribute to a cause worth caring about. Magic emerged in the form of a food drive organized for the homeless in our community to Give Thanks and Give Back.

“The CSR team was first assembled with two core missions, to facilitate volunteering for Beyond Limits employees and encourage sustainability in the office,” says Beyond Limits’ Lead Generation Manager – and CSR member – Joel Carlos. “This food drive is certainly part of the first initiative, targeting a critical issue that all Angelinos have exposure to, homelessness.”

Beyond Limits has partnered with PATH, a California-based non-profit, to donate Thanksgiving meals for individuals and families recently provided permanent housing through the organization’s initiatives. “PATH’s mission is to end homelessness for individuals, families, and communities. We do this by building affordable housing and providing supportive services throughout California. PATH envisions a world where every person has a home.” PATH Ventures has already built 763 units for over 800 individuals and families in need. They also have 206 units currently in construction with 293 units coming soon.



“We wanted to offer employees an opportunity to give back to the community alongside their co-workers,” says Carlos. “The chance to provide PATH’s recently housed families with their first Thanksgiving meal in their new home presented the perfect opportunity to bring us together around a good cause. I’m proud of my co-workers for having supported this through their donations and their time, and of the company for encouraging such initiatives.”

For over a month leading up to the holiday season, the CSR committee encouraged employees to fill boxes around the office to accumulate Thanksgiving-themed food items, with a goal of collecting enough food to stuff 50 tote bags. Each bag would contain a box of turkey stuffing mix, mashed potatoes mix, dessert mix, a can of cranberry sauce, and two more cans of vegetables. Each bag would also include a grocery gift card in the amount of $50.

Subsequently, two weeks before Thanksgiving, the CSR committee came together with HR to collect all donated food and arrange a gathering for Beyond Limits employees to decorate and assemble the tote bags. We are proud to report that our company did, in fact, meet our goal of assembling 50 tote bags, most sporting uniquely festive designs artistically created by all those who participated.



“Rallying together as a team to give back and bring a direct, positive, and tangible impact to our community during this Thanksgiving season is pretty incredible,” says Tim Guerrero, a Beyond Limits Accountant and CSR member. “This is exactly what it’s all about.”

The holiday season is an ideal time to give thanks for everyone and anything that brings joy to your life. Beyond Limits is thankful to have such a giving team that thinks of others’ needs in their time of hardship. Wishing all of you a wonderful holiday season filled with family, good food, and good deeds. In the words of our COO Meghan Sharp, “AI for good.”


12 December 2018
Glendale, CA


Leaders and pioneers in the Oil & Gas Industry convened at the World Energy Capital Assembly in London to discuss emerging trends, review investment opportunities, and chart exploration and production (E&P) activity across the year. The packed two-day assembly was the largest gathering of energy executives, investors, and financiers in Europe with expert panels representing major and mid-cap oil companies examining key issues driving the industry.

Beyond Limits CEO, AJ Abdallat delivered a keynote on Energy Digitalization and discussed the need for digitalization in a world where the global energy demand is expected to increase 25% by 2014. Mr. Abdallat shared insights about the opportunity for innovative digital technologies like artificial intelligence to help the Oil & Gas Industry face challenges in exploration, production, policy, investment, technology, and education.

Shahram Farhadi, Head of Oil & Gas Technologies at Beyond Limits, followed Mr. Abdallat’s keynote by joining a panel of senior energy executives and leaders to discuss the growth of the LNG gas market and the supply and demand trend that is shaping its future. Dr. Farhadi explained why natural gas has experienced a remarkable rise over the past few years and why many predict a continued rapid growth trajectory in the future.

The action-packed two days was capped with Europe’s leading energy awards dinner to celebrate the industry’s achievements. The awards program represents a global benchmark of excellence for key players in the oil & gas industry.