Originally Posted: 17 May 2023
Author: AJ Abdallat for Forbes Tech Council
Los Angeles
In the fast-paced world of technology, high-performing IT teams are the driving force behind innovation and success. Forbes Tech Council recently compiled a comprehensive article featuring the invaluable expertise of 19 industry leaders, including Beyond Limits CEO, AJ Abdallat. Discover the 19 qualities that define exceptional IT teams and gain exclusive insights on how to cultivate these traits within your organization.
“Effective IT teams demonstrate open-mindedness and inquisitiveness. While we all love a reliable methodology that works, IT teams should be wary of getting too comfortable with regimented systems. As time goes by, there will always be a better, faster way of doing things, and IT teams must be completely comfortable with finding ways to challenge the status quo.” – AJ Abdallat, Beyond Limits
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