01 December 2020
Webinar Air Date: 11 November 2020 
Los Angeles, CA


Revolutionizing Human Decisions with AI & Digitization
AI solutions are providing the refining industry unparalleled opportunities to be at the forefront of digital transformation by optimizing human decision-making to achieve ideal operational performance. Recent challenges have accelerated a shift to AI-led efficiency plans in downstream. But how exactly is that efficiency achieved, and how can you trust in this new path to automation?
This innovation webinar spotlights why refinery teams need to implement AI systems that focus on optimizing human decisions with an explanation of how this approach leads to truly efficient operations.
Check out this video to learn:
  • How transformative efficiency gains start at the human level through implementing AI that encodes knowledge and is centered around augmenting the way humans iterate and engage with each other on a fundamental level.
  • How human decision-centered AI systems are being implemented in refineries today to drive value and accelerate the pace at which operations teams can improve their game plan.
  • How to mitigate core concerns around AI implementation and, subsequently, how to build trust in the technology as the refining industry navigates a path to automation.



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