Beyond Limits
Los Angeles, CA


In complex refineries, a lot of operational data is being collected and analyzed using conventional or numeric AI techniques. Beyond Limits goes a step further with Cognitive AI technology that supports refinery operations teams, improves coordination, and optimizes financial performance – delivering actionable and explainable recommendations for Operators, Engineers, and Plant Managers.

In this video, Beyond Limits Director of Technical Commercial Engineering, Kimberly Gilbert, explains how AI is being used today in refinery options to drive value and achieve optimal operational efficiency, where she covers:


+ The implications of when experienced engineers with valuable expert knowledge retire from the industry

+ How to harness expert knowledge and make available to the greater organization

+ How Cognitive AI uses human knowledge with large data-set inputs and industry guidelines for optimal performance

+ Transparent audit trails and reliable mitigations

+ How our dynamic solution becomes smarter over time




Get an even closer look at how Beyond Limits Cognitive AI technology is improving refinery operations. Download our solution brief by clicking here.