17 June 2021
Los Angeles, CA


Beyond Limits’ Shahram Farhadi, Chief Technology Officer of Industrial AI was recently awarded on Hart Energy’s 2021 40 Under Forty list of Technology Innovators. Out of hundreds of nominations across the oil and gas industry, Hart Energy carefully selected 40 prominent professionals making moves to advance oil and gas technologies, fostering the objectives of their respective companies and the industry as a whole. Hart Energy also took the opportunity to spotlight Shahram further in a Q/A-style feature.
“I joined Beyond Limits to bring emerging technologies to the industry with the goal of helping it evolve with our changing times,” said Shahram. “The most valuable projects I’ve worked on are those that incorporate AI/machine learning into traditional processes to improve asset performance and augment human expertise.”
Honorees were selected based on their initiative, intelligence, and persistence to make an impact across the board. The awards list was announced this month – and is currently viewable on Hart Energy’s website.
“Hart Energy proudly announces the honorees for E&P’s 2021 40 Under Forty recognition program for technology innovators. Those being honored range from engineers to company founders, from sales representatives to chief scientists, and they represent a broad array of organizations, from oil and gas producers, service companies and technology providers to industry associations. Qualified individuals who demonstrated workplace leadership were nominated by their peers, colleagues or superiors in an open process. All are being recognized for their positive impact on and significant individual technological contributions to their organizations.” (Hart Energy)