29 November 2017
Author: Todd Aitken


AJ Abdallat, the CEO of Beyond Limits, is on a mission to make life better for all of us by changing the landscape of artificial intelligence so that it can achieve its unfulfilled potential. Many pundits of the technology eagerly are anticipating his next move as he is uniquely qualified and determined to make AI an integral part of our everyday life. This is not surprising as AJ has been a co-founder and CEO for various Caltech/Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) startups focusing on AI, smart sensors and systems, life sciences, finance, and homeland security for years.

Mr. Abdallat is a high-tech serial entrepreneur with more than 19 years of experience of bringing high-tech startups to fruition throughout his illustrious career, specializing in artificial intelligence, reasoning systems, and smart sensors. The entrepreneurial-minded executive has helped to raise more than $100 million in venture and strategic investments. Helping Beyond Limits close a Series B for $20 million from BP Ventures is his most recent round of successful fundraising. He also has been featured or quoted in highly regarded, world-renowned publications such as The Wall Street Journal, International Business Times, ZDNet, Financial Times, Forbes, Fortune, and Entrepreneur magazine.


Latest Endeavor
His company, Beyond Limits, is an industry-leading firm in AI and cognitive computing that was co-founded by AJ to commercialize the bleeding-edge IP developed by his team, which has more than 20 years of supporting NASA’s JPL space program. For more than 10 years NASA has used AI in its Deep Space missions and on the Mars Rover. Since there is zero-tolerance for failure in space, it is the consummate stress test for determining the workability of AI. The AI developed by Beyond Limits can run on very small devices on minimal power, which is vital in space. This is an system that is working optimally in perhaps the extremist environment imaginable.


AJ on AI
AJ Abdallat is impassioned to bring AI to the masses. However, he acknowledges that there is a significant shortcoming even in today’s most powerful artificial intelligence systems, which must be overcome to bring his goal to life, and it is a matter of reasoning. Only two types of reasoning are used with most existing AI systems: inductive and deductive. To fulfill the potential of AI on a worldwide level, abductive reasoning also must be incorporated into the mix.

Abductive reasoning is the difference maker as it seeks the most likely explanation within a given set of observations. Most of us think or solve problems this way naturally with minimal forethought. It is often mistaken for intuition. The usefulness of abductive reasoning is ubiquitous; it is a gap-filler capable of making logical, rational decisions without having full or clearly defined details. The cognitive AI developed by Beyond Limits was inspired by the functional behavior of a human brain, enabling human-like reasoning, artificial intelligence, and cognitive computing solutions.

Beyond Limit’s cognitive AI is powered by the world’s fastest AI interface engine. It can execute more than 100 million roles per second on standard computing systems, performing more than 1.5 billion calculations per second. Its flexibility, powerfulness, and scalability exceed conventional AI, and it works seamlessly on off-the-shelf IT gear and requires a much smaller computing footprint.

Additionally, it is deployable in the cloud, on a chip, or when embedded into devices.

The future of AI is in good hands with executives AJ Abdallat at its helm. His heartfelt passion for AI with human-like reasoning is infectious. His precedent-setting effort to “humanize” AI is making him someone that people want to hear, especially the high-tech community. He has replaced suppositional conjectures with a forged path on clarity on what it is going to take to reach the next level with AI. It is a work in progress with a defined direction. AJ Abdallat is a thought-provoking visionary who has the computing power to change our culture and lives for the better.