Beyond Limits CEO, AJ Abdallat is published by Smart Industry International discussing the role of AI in the global goal of achieving net zero. Abdallat suggests four key ways in which AI can be utilized to combat climate change, including strengthening the grid and modernizing the oil and gas industry. One key focus is decarbonizing the atmosphere, which can be expedited through the use of “explainable AI” that shows its reasoning process. AI can speed up the process of discovering new materials required to achieve decarbonization. Abdallat also notes that AI can help make electric vehicles more accessible by finding alternative materials to the current semiconductor shortage.
“Environmental and energy leaders must continue to hone AI’s capabilities to achieve a net zero society. Governments around the world, including the Biden administration, are handing over the funds. Now, brilliant minds must turn those funds into action and a greener future.”
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The oil and gas industry in the Asia Pacific region is turning to artificial intelligence (AI) to streamline operations and cut unnecessary costs. Beyond Limits APAC President, Leonard Lee is published by The Edge Singapore discussing the ways technology is being used to pinpoint drilling opportunities, inspect pipes with self-navigating robots, and predict equipment wear and tear. But while conventional AI acts as a “black box”, the next generation of cognitive AI acts as a “glass box”, providing detailed justifications for recommendations that can be easily understood and interpreted by humans and machines. It can also address the technical skill gap caused by an aging workforce and training challenges related to digitalization, compliance mandates, training costs, environmental impacts, and safety accidents.


“Global spending in the artificial intelligence (AI) market is expected to increase from US$17.6 billion in 2022 to approximately US$32 billion in 2025 as technologists aim to innovate existing layers of AI.”


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Toronto, Ontario


Beyond Limits Senior Data Scientist, Ari Kamlani was recently featured in Big Data & AI Toronto’s Fireside Chat to discuss breaking the walls of unethical AI alongside Keith Plummer, Director of Research & Learning at Feminuity.


In this chat they examine:


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Originally Published: 12 February 2022

Author: Matthew Veazey for Natural Gas Intelligence

Pittsburg, MA


Natural Gas Intelligence recently featured Mike Krause, Beyond Limits AI Solutions Senior Manager, in an article titled “AI Still Has Much to Learn About Humans in Natural Gas and Oil Industry.” The article takes an opportunity to discuss digital transformation efforts in the natural-centric sector of oil and gas stating that “companies would spend $15.6 billion,” according to a recent study conducted by ABI Research.


Within the article, Krause offered his perspective on Cognitive AI and the role it plays in relation to humans.


“I assign attributes to it like casing, perforation… all the hardware in a well, and then various other ‘explainability layers’ of information. Once you layer on the cognitive view, you really expand the possibilities.”


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Originally Published: 20 January 2022
Author: Steve Kwan for T&D World
Los Angeles, CA


An article by Beyond Limits’ Steve Kwan was recently featured in T&D World, a publication that provides in-depth content on technology in the power industry. The article, Three Applications for AI in the Energy Industry, discusses several of the challenges the energy industry will face in upcoming months, such as a higher volume of users, climate change, and the call for carbon neutrality. Kwan explains how new artificial intelligence (AI) technologies are already making an impact on predicting and preventing these issues.


“The planning capabilities that AI offers the energy sector will combat some of the industry’s most pressing challenges.”


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The cloud data solutions provider accelerates Beyond Limits business intelligence and technical expertise growth in the Asia-Pacific region.
Singapore – Feb 11, 2022 – Beyond Limits, the industrial and enterprise-grade AI software company built for the most demanding sectors, today announced its acquisition of Singapore-based cloud solutions and consulting partner Oak Consulting
“Oak Consulting’s extensive track record and expertise in business intelligence and enterprise data management services made the company a natural strategic fit for Beyond Limits,” said David Liu, Executive Chairman of Beyond Limits Asia-Pacific. “Moreover, the company shares our strategic mission for creating solutions that magnify the talents and capabilities of people with the latest technologies, and we’re very excited to welcome them to the Beyond Limits team.”
Oak Consulting provides enterprise-class, full lifecycle solutions from strategy through to the implementation stage for critical industries including public sector, eCommerce, healthcare, financial and supply chain, among others. The firm brings decades of extensive industry knowledge and experience in guiding clients through operational analytics supported by data mining, artificial intelligence and machine learning, as well as the adoption of the latest cloud and data management technology platforms. 
The acquisition of Oak Consulting further cements Beyond Limits’ position and profitability in the Asia-Pacific region and accelerates the company’s technical resources to support new customer projects and use cases. Current and future customers in the area will also have more immediate access to experienced teams to lead them through complex AI, machine learning, data analytics and management integrations from the concept phase through implementation.  
“As a key partner for Beyond Limits since 2020, we’ve worked closely together for years to better understand and meet the rapidly evolving technology demands of businesses in the region,” said Victor Ng, Managing Director of Oak Consulting. “Beyond Limits and its Cognitive AI technology are extremely well-positioned to help meet these demands as artificial intelligence becomes more ingrained in daily business operations. We look forward to the strength and scope of services we will be able to offer together.”
Oak Consulting’s current employees and management team will remain in place and will continue to generate immediate opportunities under the Beyond Limits brand by offering its existing products and services to customers and partners. This acquisition brings together two leading companies with decades of extensive industry knowledge and experience in technology and business solutions. Beyond Limits is committed to growing Oak Consulting’s services to achieve dramatic growth in the coming years—growth that will result in more opportunities for Beyond Limits customers.
About Beyond Limits Asia-Pacific
Beyond Limits Asia-Pacific is an enterprise-scale AI company that optimizes operations, boosts efficiency, and increases productivity for demanding industries including energy, advanced manufacturing, and fintech. 
Beyond traditional artificial intelligence, Beyond Limits’ software products are powered by award-winning Cognitive AI technology, utilizing a hybrid AI approach that combines data-centric techniques with embedded human knowledge to affirm trust in software-driven decisions, manage operational risk, and drive profitability.
Beyond Limits Asia Pacific is regionally headquartered in Singapore with operations in Hong Kong, Shenzhen, Taipei and Tokyo. The regional headquarters drives strategic investments for joint ventures and partnerships in Asia to expand Beyond Limits’ AI in verticals including financial services, led by the Hong Kong office, advanced manufacturing, led the Taiwan office, and the energy sector led by the Singapore, Shenzhen and Tokyo offices.  
Founded in 2014, Beyond Limits leverages a significant investment portfolio of advanced technology developed at Caltech’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory for NASA space missions. The company was recently honored by Frost & Sullivan as a Company of the Year for their 2021 Best Practices Award and by CB Insights on their 2020 List of Top 100 Most Innovative Artificial Intelligence Startups.
For more information, please visit www.beyond.ai.
About Oak Consulting
Oak Consulting is a Premier Tier Tableau Value-Added Reseller and Cloud Solutions Provider based in Singapore with offices in India and Malaysia providing Data Management and Analytics Consulting Services. We specialize in industries such as Healthcare, Education, Retail and eCommerce, Telcos, Financials, Shipping, Airport Hub, Business Services and the Public Sector.
Our firm thrives in delivering enterprise-class, full life cycle solutions from strategy through to the implementation stage. Oak Consulting specialties lie in dealing with huge and complex data sets, providing operational analytics supported by data mining, artificial intelligence, and machine learning; adopting the latest state-of-the-art Cloud and Data Management technology platforms of the world. 
Our leadership team brings decades of extensive industry knowledge and experience in information technology and business solutions. Together with a team of experience technology and business domain specialists, we pride ourselves in being a Progressively Collaborative Partner to work with in Singapore and the Region.

21 November 2021

Dubai, UAE


The expansion follows the company’s latest funding round led by UAE’s G42. The US-based pioneer in enterprise and industrial artificial intelligence launched a new product to accelerate the adoption of AI for companies in the energy sector.


UAE, Dubai, 21 November 2021 – Beyond Limits, a pioneer in industrial and enterprise-grade artificial intelligence (AI) technology, today announced its expansion to the Middle East. The company will be regionally headquartered in Dubai with operations across the greater EMEA region.

Drawing on AI expertise developed at NASA, Beyond Limits creates hybrid AI solutions for energy, utilities, finance, and healthcare powered by ‘Cognitive AI’ technology, designed to address complex challenges and as a result, elevate operational insights, improve operating conditions, enhance performance at every level, and ultimately increase profits.

The technology replicates human-like intelligence by combining numeric techniques like machine learning with embedded human knowledge to provide clear, reliable recommendations that can match the in-depth understanding and experience of human experts.

In response to the region’s accelerated digital transformation, Beyond Limits seeks to empower organizations to take advantage of the transformative benefits that AI technology can offer to support in the most demanding sectors they operate in. The new office, located in Dubai Internet City, will act as a platform for the company to drive its operations in MENA.

Beyond Limits recently partnered with G42, the Abu Dhabi-based Artificial Intelligence and Cloud Computing company, where the latter led a milestone funding round to boost Beyond Limits’ scale and reach in the Middle East across other markets, and to explore synergies between the two companies in applying advanced AI solutions.

AJ Abdallat, CEO of Beyond Limits, said: “Beyond Limits is very pleased to announce its expansion to the Middle East with a new office in the UAE and to be taking this important step in building our presence in such a dynamic region. “Countries in the region are always taking bold steps to establish a culture of innovation and set AI strategies that enable the digital transformation of their economies, and Beyond Limits is committed to using advanced artificial intelligence to close the skills gap and improve human performance. I believe that we have a lot of synergy with the leading industries of the Middle East, and we look forward to exploring the new opportunities that the region represents,” he added.

Peng Xiao, Group CEO, G42 said “We are pleased to see Beyond Limits establish a regional presence in the UAE, in response to the region’s accelerated digital transformation and increasing adoption of advanced technologies. Beyond Limits’ AI capabilities will bring new levels of intelligence and efficiency to high-impact sectors in the UAE and the region, helping drive future economic growth. We look forward to collaborating and co-creating with them to further strengthen our respective offerings, drive innovation and unlock opportunities for growth and positive progress, across a wide range of industries and societies.”


AIDTSEC will be taking place October 27-28 at the King Hussein Bin Talal Convention Center in Jordan.

AIDTSEC paves the way for industry makers to spark motivation and inspire decision makers of the Defense, security, and governmental sectors. This helps to expand the capacity in order to address current and future challenges, place strategies in a global context, and position forces for high performance. This event is an opportunity for AI Defense Technology and Cyber Security solution providers to exhibit and demonstrate their latest achievements, most advanced technologies, and state-of-the-art innovations.” (AIDTSEC)

Don’t miss Beyond Limits CEO AJ Abdallat’s presentation on “Leveraging Cognitive AI to Accelerate Digital Transformation & Industrial Evolution” on October 27th at 9:30am EEST.

Beyond Limits Chief Data Scientist Hussein Al-Natsheh will also be in attendance speaking on “Leveraging AI to Understand Unstructured Data for Defense and Civil Security Applications on October 27th at 11:45am EEST.

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Originally Posted: 24 March 2021
Los Angeles, CA


Built-In-LA recently featured Beyond Limits, and our very own Leigh Yeh in a recent feature, How 3 Local Tech Leaders Use Machine Learning to Drive Innovation. The article spotlights three team members from local leading artificial intelligence/technology companies with a focus on how they are leveraging machine learning to elevate solutions, supporting customers to streamline entire processes and optimize operations at every level of their organization.


“At the end of the day, it’s great to see our products being used by customers and know that we’ve made their processes faster, more reliable and more interpretable,” said Yeh. “It’s so rewarding to build products with the power to make a difference.”









14 October 2020
Originally Posted: 7 October 2020 for Built In LA


Built In LA recently featured Beyond Limits’ own Anupama Gunupudi in a recent insider spotlight talking about her strategy as the Senior Manager of Engineering Resource Planning. The article highlights Anupama’s focus on how important team building, talent recognition, and open cross-functional communication are to efficient project planning and effective resource allocation.


“I aim to drive project execution efficiently and productively for every software team that I have,” Gunupudi said. “That means understanding each team, developing their skills and talents to build them up, and ensuring that they’re successful in their role and career.”


Read the rest of Built In LA’s spotlight here.



29 September 2020
Los Angeles, CA


Does the evolution of creativity rely on support from Artificial Intelligence? Beyond Limits CEO, AJ Abdallat shares his take in a recent feature from Forbes in their piece, 15 Amazing Technologies that are Contributing to the Greater Good. AJ highlights the unique benefits of AI during this era of digital transformation and its potential for major impacts on future growth and technological evolution.
AI is going to create so many opportunities because it can magnify innate human talents and creativity. Look at what has happened over the last 20 years in terms of digital transformation in social networking alone: There are now thousands of social networking jobs that simply didn’t exist before. AI is going to allow humans to go after the really complex and challenging problems while achieving a higher level of creativity.”

Check out the other 14 featured technologies here.

18 September 2020
Los Angeles, CA
In response to a recent McKinsey & Company Article
“Reinventing upstream oil and gas operations after the COVID-19 crisis”
This year has thrust the energy industry into a complicated corner. While all industries, businesses, and companies are facing new struggles, the crisis created by this pandemic has hit oil and gas especially hard. This is the subject matter of a recent article published by McKinsey & Company in which they discuss the many supply challenges now being faced along with how “the COVID-19 pandemic has cut global demand sharply.” The article continues with a narrative centered on the future of upstream and what the industry will need to adjust in order to recover and move forward into a changing world, post Covid-19.
Beyond Limits’ key takeaways and central boiling points from the article:
+ There exists a critical need for advanced digitalization solutions in upstream.
+ The oil and gas industry must prioritize exploration while moving their assets from an Improve-centric approach to more of a Promote-focused strategy.
+ The key to successfully carrying out a transition is to reduce the break-even price per barrel for specific classes of assets.
For clarification purposes, this article describes the aforementioned assets as such:
+ Promote: “These are assets with low break-even prices and high potential to increase reserves. Operators will want to concentrate on developing the field, changing the asset footprint, and finding more low-cost reserves in the same basin.”
+ Improve: “This can describe two kinds of assets. The first has high break-even prices and good potential in terms of reserves. The other has low break-even prices but low potential in terms of reserves. For this group, the priorities are to improve operational efficiency and optimize production.”
Evolution in Upstream
The path forward for the evolution of upstream can be found in optimization and digitalization solutions that deliver greater visibility across an organization and its assets. The industry requires solutions that provide stakeholders with a more complete viewpoint from the big picture down to the smallest detail to best optimize entire operations.
Exhibit 4 within the McKinsey article seeks to provide a management roadmap in list form that describes what companies could do, “To reduce costs, enhance development opportunities, and reduce the carbon intensity of assets.” Two items listed in this exhibit focus on the need for data-driven production optimization to apply advanced analytics for improved maintenance purposes and more effective well and reservoir management.
A Solution in Revolutionary AI
Beyond Limits is already making progress in this area with a lot of experience in the oil and gas industry, offering a variety of solutions that support predictive maintenance efforts alongside asset, reservoir, and well management initiatives. Other significant proposals listed within Exhibit 4 include rationalizing/centralizing activities, simplifying workflows, and transitioning to a more agile environment.
All of these objectives resonate with Beyond Limits. Advanced Cognitive AI features a comprehensive and complete approach to artificial intelligence – providing a solution that has the ability to focus on a global view of large and complex operations. Cognitive AI provides optimized recommendations, driven by data and expert knowledge while still keeping humans in the loop to make decisions; explainable solutions that are managed by the oil and gas executives, managers, engineers, and operators they support.
Beyond Limits Cognitive AI appears an ideal match for helping upstream achieve the ambitions laid out by this McKinsey article and come out of the crisis more efficient than ever. This advanced form of artificial intelligence is already providing stakeholders with a holistic view over assets, from the big picture down to the smallest detail, ultimately elevating entire operations for the energy sector and several other high-value industries currently facing tough transitional periods.